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Even before the coronavirus pandemic, some congregations were considering alternative ways to implement the catechumenate in their context, especially where weekly in-person gatherings would not be possible. The pandemic has made this transition even more relevant and the resulting changes offer a new model of catechumenal pastoral care today. Some congregations have returned to in-person ministries, some have remained in the digital environment, and many have attempted to bridge the two environments by building hybrid ministries.

This community chat will examine the issues present in this online movement, including:

  • Recruitment of participants,
  • Choose the appropriate technology,
  • Develop online meetings and rites,
  • Participating in hybrid ritual practices, and
  • Evaluate what is gained and what is lost with the online move.

Chat participants will have the opportunity to hear from practitioners and scholars, imagine what ministry looks like today, talk about practical skills for an online catechumenate, and share experiences on faith formation. over the past two years.

Britt Olson will host the chat. Britt is the vicar of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Seattle. Britt developed an online catechumenate at St. Luke’s. Previously, she served as Canon Ordinary in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California.

Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero will host the chat. Kyle is the Steck-Miller Assistant Professor of Worship and Liturgy at United Lutheran Seminary. A member of the JBL board of directors, he served as chair of the catechumenate team at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco, and his current research focuses on digital approaches to worship.

To participate, register at [email protected] Put “Community Chat” in the subject line and your name and phone number in the body text. We will send you a Zoom link and relevant material closer to the chat date.