Aisling Bea wears a dress on a chat show after losing her luggage

Aisling Bea chose to recycle an unusual outfit for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Getty Pictures)

Aisling Bea appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live dressed in a terrycloth bathrobe after losing her luggage en route to the United States.

The Irish comedian and actor was so keen to meet guest host Sean Hayes that she refused to let anything to wear get in the way – showing up in her hotel slippers and dressing gown.

Bea, 38, shared photos of herself on Twitter, saying: “BA lost my luggage but luckily I was able to make an outfit for @JimmyKimmelLive from some hotel items. Just like Mary in the music sound.”

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She added, “OBSESSED TO MEET @SeanHayes who was the guest host this week. I had an excuse to touch him IRL, what a rush.”

The This way until star told Hayes: “The bags just left.”

She added that after traveling for 22 hours she couldn’t cope with “the thought of trying to find something”.

Bea joked, “Lucky the hotel had this ‘free dress’ right in the bathroom! I was like, I’ll wear it.”

Aisling Bea while filming The Graham Norton Show

Aisling Bea is not a fan of fast fashion, opting to wear vintage and second-hand outfits for public appearances. (PENNSYLVANIA)

The Doctor Who star is a strong advocate for sustainable and upcycled fashion, regularly sharing with her Instagram followers the vintage and charity finds she wears at events and public appearances.

But she added that she was desperate to find her suitcase.

She said, “Please, please take her home to me. We miss you, we love you, don’t look in the back pocket.”

Aisling Bea and Archie Yates star in

Aisling Bea and Archie Yates star in “Home Sweet Home Alone.” (Disney+)

will and grace The Hayes star is the first in a series of guest hosts replacing Kimmel on the chat show this summer.

As he greeted Bea, he asked her if she had expected the interview to be on Zoom.

She joked, “I didn’t know if you would notice, but I guess I have to answer it.”

Sean Hayes guest hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sean Hayes is invited to host Jimmy Kimmel Live for a week. (ABC via Getty Images)

Bea has risen to fame in the US since starring opposite Paul Rudd in the Netflix comedy Live with yourself.

His own Channel 4 mental health comedy-drama This Way Up is available in the US on Hulu.

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And she’s been playing mother lately Alone at home after Home Sweet Home alone.

British Airways has yet to respond to Bea’s tweet about her lost luggage.

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