Axed Apprentice star slams Lord Sugar for ‘twisting’ BBC show after ‘unfair’ dismissal

Apprentice star Amy Anzel was sacked by Lord Sugar after her tourist job went wrong – but she claims her dismissal was ‘unfair’ and ‘wrongful’.

The BBC One show returned for its sixth week on Thursday evening (February 10), and it saw the teams go head-to-head in Wales in a tense bid to deliver a fun adventure experience for tourists.

Amy’s team chose to offer a package that included a zipline ride, a hands-on tour of a local underground mine, and a mature cheese tasting experience.

Unfortunately for Amy, however, her team lost and it was time for her to leave the show – after landing in the boardroom with team leader Katherine Louise Burn and Aaron Willis.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star and other media, Amy admitted she was “disgusted” to be fired by Lord Sugar, but has now dismissed her reasons for kicking her off the show.

Fired Apprentice star Amy Anzel says Lord Sugar’s dismissal was ‘unjustified’

Speaking about her reaction to getting the chop, Amy said: “I was disgusted. I was so sad and disappointed but I’ve never seen someone fired by week six for not being PM and I thought ‘I was sub-team leader for four out of six tasks’, I demonstrated my skills and my business acumen.

“I ran for prime minister in the second week and in the end I contributed meaningfully to every task. I wasn’t hiding, I wasn’t ducking, so I just felt that it was a very unfair and wrongful dismissal.”

She continued, “I take calculated risks in life and in business and never thought it would be such a reason to fire someone.”

In the tense conference room scene, Lord Sugar had told Amy that she had “avoided the spotlight” during the series by not showing up as team leader.

Amy Anzel
‘Gutted’ Amy has become the sixth star to get the boot on the BBC show

Amy clearly disagreed, as she hit out at the business tycoon, saying he ‘twisted’ things to make it look like she was in hiding when she hadn’t do.

She said: “I wish he would tell me how I avoided the spotlight. If you’re a four out of six task team leader, I don’t think it’s hiding, it’s kind of like being vice -President It is a great role and I accepted it with pleasure.

“That’s 67% of my time on the show, how could that not have been viewed positively? He kind of twisted it to make it look like I was hiding in that role when I wasn’t.”

She later said Lord Sugar gave her co-star Nick Showering the chance to PM the week after finding himself in the line of fire, but she didn’t have the same luxury.

Amy punched her teammates

Out of which of her teammates she thought he was going to be sacked instead, Amy chose ex-RAF worker Aaron – who she described as a ‘ticking time bomb’.

“I really thought Aaron was going to be fired. Even though I said Katherine was responsible for the failure of the task, I think Aaron had already shown his true colors and was a bit of a ticking time bomb and was aggressive and would dive into people’s sales.”

“Just not, in my opinion, great traits and characteristics for a businessman.”

Amy, who has her own beauty brand Hollywood Browser Beautydecided to sell the Welsh Adventure Package to the public with Aaron, but their sales techniques didn’t seem to match.

In fact, Aaron looked visibly frustrated as Amy addressed the townspeople with a booming megaphone.

Thanking fans and the LGBTQ+ community for their support, Amy said, “It was amazing…I made so many new friends online and on Twitter.”

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