Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Patch Notes: Release Date, Voice Chat, Specialist Changes, 400+ Fixes

Battlefield 2042 players are in desperate need of a change and the developers have now confirmed Update 4.0, which brings significant changes to Specialists, vehicles and attachments, as well as “over 400 individual fixes”. Here are the first patch notes along with the release date.

It’s no secret that Battlefield 2042 has met neither DICE’s expectations nor player expectations. it was one of the most anticipated games of 2021, but it lost almost its entire player base within weeks.

DICE has been working to bring the game back to expectations, releasing several major updates over the course of 2022. The developers have now detailed the next major patch, Update 4.0, so here is its release date and early patch notes up to date.

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Release Date

Battlefield 2042 Community Manager Kevin ‘T0TALFPS’ Johnson has confirmed that Update 4.0 will go live during the week of April 18.

Johnson never gave a specific date, but confirmed that the full patch notes will go live “early this week as well.”

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Initial Patch Notes

Johnson also teased the changes we can expect to see alongside the over 400 fixes in the Battlefield 2042 update 4.0 patch, which finally adds voice chat, tweaks some specialists, tweaks vehicles, and overhauls parts joined.

Here are all the confirmed changes in Battlefield 2042 update 4.0.

Dashboard in Battlefield 2042

End of round scoreboard

Battlefield 2042 players were extremely disappointed to discover that Battlefield 2042 didn’t have a working dashboard, but it was finally added in the 3.3 update. Now, Update 4.0 will bring an end-of-round scoreboard showing everyone’s performance.

Voice chat is finally coming

Players were shocked to learn that voice chat doesn’t exist in Battlefield 2042, meaning cross-platform players couldn’t talk to each other in-game.

Voice chat should finally arrive with the 4.0 update, allowing teams to communicate.

Battlefield 2042 sundance specialist

Changes of specialists

Kevin Johnson has confirmed that “Rao and Paik will have their traits updated” in Battlefield 2042 update 4.0

He also confirmed that Sundance’s grenade belt would receive fixes, “allowing better armor-piercing grenade target acquisition in their immediate vicinity rather than distant football fields!”

Vehicle Balance Adjustments

The Bolte has long been one of the most powerful vehicles in Battlefield 2042, but it is set to receive “targeted adjustments” in Update 4.0.

It won’t just be the Bolte that will be tweaked, as it’s part of a larger “vehicle warfare balancing” that “will ensure the counter-infantry/vehicle game still has some bite to it!”

Johnson also confirmed that “bug fixes towards the ADS bug when exiting a vehicle and relaunching near obstacles are also in this update.” And hopefully the relaunch issue will be fixed once and for all.

Accessory revision

Finally, Johnson assured players that “Attachments will also receive an overhaul in Update 4.0, ensuring they feel unique and impact your loadout choice and gunplay.”

If you’re looking for more games to play while you wait for the update, you can check if Splitgate has cross-play and cross-progression.

Image Credit: DICE/EA