BGT’s Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon appear to be having tense conversations minutes before the live show

Britain’s Got Talent judges Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden were seen chatting tensely minutes before going on air.

The photos were taken just before the stars went live on BGT’s ITV semi-finals on Thursday evening June 2.

Alesha, 43, was seen with a serious facial expression as she spoke directly to Amanda, 51.

They were both standing on a balcony in the BGT Hammersmith room, the photo having been taken 15 minutes before the start of Thursday’s live broadcast.

Despite how things may look here, the two ladies put on a great show with no tension in the air onscreen.

Alesha was spotted in a tense conversation with Amanda

It comes after BGT fans claimed the show was ‘rigged’ for Loren Allred to win the semi-final.

Viewers took to social media to claim that they thought the producers put in a bunch of “garbage” acts for Loren to navigate.

Loren performed on Thursday’s show and after her song judge David Walliams dubbed her the possible winner of the show.

One fan tweeted: “I see they put the professional singer on a party with other artists who had no talent at all!, not at all set to go to the final!!!”

They were photographed on the balcony before the show

Another said: ‘We all know Loren won, that’s a solution they bother dragging him out for, I don’t know.’

While a third wrote: ‘Did they deliberately put on all the bad deeds tonight to make sure their golden daughter Loren gets through.’

“Did they put on all the bad deeds on purpose tonight to make sure their golden girl Loren stops now lol,” a fourth typed.

Viewers all thought the same about the show

A fifth shared, “What’s going on with @BGT tonight, why did acts like Titan pass???? I feel like this is set up for Loren Allred to win this semi-final.”

Another viewer debated: “This semi-final is definitely rigged for Loren Allred to qualify for the final, this is by far the weakest semi-final of the week, literally not a single standout performance. Simon is desperately looking to make it happen.

“So all the acts are shit to make sure this Loren has a good chance of going through? Tactical, I think it’s absolute shit tonight”

Daily Star has contacted ITV for comment.

The Britain’s Got Talent final airs on Sunday on ITV and ITV Hub at 8pm