Big Brother’s Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace in horror assault

Big Brother’s Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has revealed she was assaulted as she left a nightclub on Saturday night.

The 43-year-old star was targeted by a group of muggers as they tried to steal her bag and watch in London – but Aisleyne tried to fend them off.

She explained how she was “cornered” in an alley in Soho by two men after leaving a bar in the neighborhood.

Speaking to The Sun, Aisleyne said she was out with girlfriend Nicola McLean when approached – and revealed she refuses to give up her items.

She said: “I thought not – you don’t get my stuff. I’ve been punched a few times, but I also feel like I’ve had a few punches.”

Aisleyne opened up about the horrific ordeal

The star explained that she and Nicola had booked a taxi and started tracking its location when they found themselves in an alley where two men approached them.

She said they tried to grab her watch and bag, but the star said her instinct was to “fight back”, which she attributes to training she’s doing for a celebrity MMA fight.

Aisleyne said the couple were both screaming and eventually the pair left them alone.

Aisleyne was joined by his friend Nicola McLean
Aisleyne was joined by his friend Nicola McLean

She told the publication: “I’m just really pissed off – I have a black eye and now it’s spreading to my other eye.”

It wasn’t until after the incident that she began to be scared, adding, “I was in pieces. I was inconsolable. I feel like shit.

“I don’t want to say I feel like a victim, but I kind of do.”

Describing her injuries, she explained that it was painful when she spoke and smiled and that she became more and more swollen.

The star said she was getting more and more swollen
The star said she was getting more and more swollen

While she is recovering, she has yet to take to social media to open up about the devastating incident that happened over the weekend.

She was having a fun night out with her pal Nicola before the pair were approached, with the pair having an incredibly close friendship dating back many years.

The star has yet to comment further on the ordeal.

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