Bucs Crashes High School Basketball Team’s Group Chat – The Athletic

After practice and before the first-year basketball team’s first practice at Notre Dame Prep in Pontiac, Michigan, center Vinny Tartaglia hosted a panel discussion Wednesday morning with his fellow players so they could chat. texts and communicate during the coming season.

In doing so, he mistyped forward / center Luca Gasperoni’s phone number, entering an “8” instead of a “7” on the number 586, which covers much of the area north of Detroit. .

“Did you all want to add me to this?” The recipient of the wrong message asked, and they said yes, they did, if it’s Luca.

“You know who I am?” the wrong number answered.

“Did we just add a random guy? Asked a player.

The mystery guest explained that the number they accidentally texted belonged to Sean Murphy-Bunting, as in the starting cornerback of reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who was sitting at his locker in Tampa before a morning workout.

“This guy is in the NFL,” forward Colin Whalen cleverly texted the group.

But the kids couldn’t believe it, thinking it was more of a Luca prank than a real NFL player.

“lmaoo, I can promise you I’m not luca,” Murphy-Bunting wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

So Murphy-Bunting – who was born near Macomb, Michigan, and played college in Central Michigan – sent the group a selfie as proof, throwing a peace sign, his Bucs helmet hanging in his locker behind him. , his name literally engraved in the wood at the top of the locker in the background.