Chatty Hatter – “That Engineering Chat” Podcast Series Records EDS Special

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November 09, 2022

Marketing expert Chatty Hatter’s ever-popular ‘That Engineering Chat’ podcast series was live at EDS, meeting some of the influencers at this year’s show.

Marketing expert Chatty Hatter hosted an EDS special of his ever-popular ‘That Engineering Chat’ podcast series live from booth E26, after meeting some of the key players at this year’s show.

Designed by and for the engineering community, this uplifting podcast series, launching in 2020, aims to champion leaders in the electronics and manufacturing industries while helping them promote their technology and services, their vision and their expertise in a fun and engaging way.

Sponsored by Wurth Electronics and returning to EDS for the second consecutive year, the special show consists of 14 fun episodes, featuring a range of exhibitors.

Each guest chosen to appear on the show had 15-20 minutes to pitch their business, product or service – and had fun doing it!

Hosted by Chatty Hatter Director Nicole Piesse Turner, who has nearly 30 years of experience in the engineering industry as a media and marketing specialist, That Engineering Chat was established two years ago to give voice to people in our ever-changing revolutionary industry.

Podcasting has increasingly become one of the most popular marketing tools used by clients, due to the unique and authentic way it gives businesses a voice while reaching colleagues and clients in a personalized way. and accessible – and the creation of “That Engineering Chat” was no exception.

Now with an in-house podcast production agency and state-of-the-art studio, the Chatty team produces, edits, films and creates innovative podcasts for clients both in the recording room or on the road, before distributing them via the Acast service.

Each podcast can be found and subscribed to on Apple, Google Podcast and Spotify, with episodes also available to watch on YouTube.

In addition to offering guest spots on That Engineering Chat, the agency also offers clients bespoke podcast packages, which have helped some of the biggest players in the industry, such as Simms International, create their own unique series.

The content can then be distributed in any way they want, to staff, colleagues, customers and the industry as a whole.

While podcasts are a popular choice for clients, Chatty Hatter is also able to offer a complete “one stop shop” for all things advertising, from unique and bespoke – such as event hosting , coaching and hosting services – to traditional like ad placement, print campaigns and web design.

The main goal of the agency is to provide exceptional marketing service to clients in the most effective way to make their unique voice heard.

This episode of That Engineering Chat is the next in our series of Engineering Design Show takeovers. Nicole chats with Andy Quenault, who is a group editor for DPA, PBSI and Connectivity. Andy explains why EDS is one of the best shows he attends every year and what also makes it so great for exhibitors. Andy and Nicole also reflect on their working relationship before Nicole created Chatty Hatter! check it out here.

Thanks to Wurth Electronics UK for sponsoring this series of takeovers from That Engineering Chat! To learn more about WE, visit:

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