Check out the first look at Stranger Things star Maya Hawke’s new Revenge movie

By Matthew Creith | Published

Since the fourth season of stranger things debuted earlier this summer, many of the show’s stars have become overnight sensations. English actor Joseph Quinn, for example, saw his career take a new turn, mainly because of his fan-favorite character on the show, the late great Eddie Munson. Although Eddie’s fate may be sealed with the end of the fourth season, one of Quinn’s co-stars is also having a time of her own. stranger things Actor Maya Hawke has a new movie on Netflix in September, and the trailer is out, promising plenty of dark comedy excitement to come.

In the official trailer that debuted this week on Netflix, stranger things star Maya Hawke teams up with Riverdale actor Camila Mendes in Revenge. The trailer has racked up nearly a million views since its release yesterday on Netflix’s official YouTube channel. Presented as a Hitchcockian comedy, Revenge is loosely based on the concept of the 1950s thriller Strangers on a train, where the two main characters use each other to kill a loved one. In this most recent retelling of a similar story, it looks like Mendes and Hawke will inflict harm on each other’s bullies, which they can’t do for themselves. According The Hollywood Reporter, Revenge will take elements of Strangers on a train and mix it with high school cliches the movies love Heathers and Promising young woman tried to do in an atmosphere of black comedy.

Revenge seems to appeal to the dark sense of humor that fans of stranger things and Riverdale are entitled to expect from these two tracks. As stranger things provided a great platform for Maya Hawke to test her acting strengths in a supporting role, Revenge possibly the first time she’s exploded onto the stage in a split main part. As the daughter of acting legends Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, Maya Hawke has her work cut out for her, but she seems to be taking acting experience in stride. Weekly entertainment reports that Hawke’s Eleanor character will be introduced as an alternate beta personality, while Drea de Mendes is more of the popular alpha female at school.

The title of Netflix’s latest movie is no minor accident, because Revenge seems like a revenge movie at its best. With two strong female roles, Collider reports that the film will be a gripping examination of the revenge porn, bullying, and rumor-spreading that has become quite prevalent in the world of high school teen angst. Revenge maybe about a few protagonists out for revenge, but the trailer suggests that the one thing all bullies should be afraid of is teenage work. In the same way stranger things star Maya Hawke and Riverdale to direct Camila Mendes, Revenge will co-star game of thrones the former Sophie Turner, Dash & Lily’s Austin Abrams, Eliza Bennett, 13 reasons why Alisha Boe, as well as External banks starring Jonathan Daviss.