Children are horrified after a public sexual clash in the castle grounds

A group of disgusted children witnessed a couple having sex in the grounds of an Irish castle, with the shocking incident reported among more than a hundred.

The Office for Public Works received more than 160 complaints last year, one of which was an account of the shocking incident which left a group of children sick.

Other criticisms of the National Historic Properties include complaints about a transphobic poster and a tea serving worker who “rubbed his nose well” before handing out the cups.

A sample of complaints from three of the historic sites detailed the horrific encounter for the group of children and a separate incident for a mother.

A group of students were shocked after seeing a couple having sex in the castle grounds

Complaints from Phoenix Park, Bru na Boinne, Castletown House and the site of the Battle of the Boyne attracted the most problems from visitors.

A teacher has told of the shock her students received after her class visited Kilkenny Castle.

The guardian said: ‘I was very upset to learn that my children had been exposed to a couple having sex near one of the orienteering marking points.

According to the complaint, the group of students were exposed to a couple in the act during a visit to the historic site.

More than 160 complaints were flagged and revealed in an access to information request
More than 160 complaints were flagged and revealed in an access to information request

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Another disgruntled attendee, a mum, was shocked to have been asked to use the disabled toilet if she wanted to breastfeed in Dublin Castle, according to documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Phoenix Park and Castletown House in Co Kildare attracted the most complaints from OPW sites last year with 81 and 18 respectively.

An OPW spokeswoman said the number of sightings received each year was “very modest” considering the millions of annual visitors historic sites often receive, The mirror reported.

She said: “The OPW also receives a large amount of rave reviews and thanks for the excellent service provided by our frontline staff.”