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A familiar face always puts you at ease, whether in a crowd or alone at a crosswalk. He is a person whose sincere smile and grateful greetings warm the heart and add comfort to those who may need a little touch of caring atmosphere at home. Once you become her friend, you are friends for life, whether you see her frequently or not.

Many still associate her with the Kilgore Public Library, but these days Joyce Riddles remains active at the Kilgore Senior Citizens Club.

Upon realizing his picture had been sent by club secretary Merlean Thompson, Joyce said, “Oh, I love them! And what better place is there to be?

Just 44 years ago Joyce and her husband DT, son Gary and daughter Lisa moved to Kilgore.

She said: “I met DT in the town where I was born, which was Brownfield, Texas. He worked for the Mid-Continent Supply Company and was transferred to Farmington, New Mexico. A year later, he proposed, and I easily accepted.

“In 1963 the company moved us to Madill, Oklahoma.”

Joyce went to work for Oklahoma State at Texoma Lodge and later for Oklahoma General Electric, where she retired after 12 years.

Mid-Continent sent the family back to Farmington for a short time and back to Madill before moving them to Kilgore.

“Oh my God! Kilgore! I thought,” Joyce said. “So here we are. I remember driving through ice and snow and the roads were slippery to get here. couldn’t find Kilgore town center and ended up almost in Overton!

“I didn’t expect to meet people one day, so I helped a bit at the Chamber of Commerce before going to work at the GTE telephone office near Stone Road. I loved it and started meeting more and more people. We went to church every Sunday, and Bobbie and Homer Schultz sat behind us every time. Bobbie was the director of the library, and every once in a while she would lean forward and say, “Why don’t you come work in the library?” “I would tell her that I don’t know anything about the Dewey decimal system, in which she would always respond, ‘I’ll teach you.

Bobbie showed him around inside the library, and Joyce was hooked.

“He was a lovely person to work with,” Joyce said. “And when she died in a plane crash, the city manager offered me the job. I did it for about a year, but the state requires all managers to have a degree in library science and I don’t I had none. I always had to learn the hard way working from the bottom up.

“The library hired Linda Johnson as their director, and I worked with her until the day the Lord commanded me to go home and be with DT. I walked in and told Linda what that day it was time for me to go home, and I’m glad I did as I did DT about two years before he died.

“Oh, how I missed people more than anything! This is where the seniors came in. We have a lot of good people in the club and we all work well together. I love puzzles, and we have a puzzle and book exchange in the club. Never stay home alone and grow old. Come down to seniors and we will grow old together,” she said.

Yes, she is still asked if she works in the library, and recently from someone who recognized her from childhood. Now 88, her son has moved in with her and she has a grandchild who has moved to the Longview area, giving her comfort that she is not alone. His daughter and other grandchildren and a great-grandchild still live in Madill.

His and other familiar faces and a touch of home can be found at the Kilgore Senior Citizens Club. Membership ages range from 55 to 95, and the next meeting will be April 27 at 11:15 a.m. in the Kilgore Lions Club building at 371 N. Rusk St.

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May his love and laughter fill your hearts and homes throughout the week. In the meantime, we can be reached at [email protected] or (903) 984-2593.

May his love and laughter fill your hearts and homes throughout the week. In the meantime, we can be reached at [email protected] or (903) 984-2593.