Code Crow launches live chat platform for developers » CryptoNinjas

The new platform recently launched by Raven Code was called “Twitch for Developers”. In reality, it’s so much more. In addition to helping developers use their time more efficiently, their upcoming NFT launch will expand the usefulness of their platform.

Some of the features of their new platform include:

  • Live broadcast and chat: Unlimited public and private channels for live streaming, audio, webcam and chat with other developers.
  • Conference call : Control all aspects of a conference call. Mute, block, delete users and request to speak and live stream.
  • Chat with friends: Users can chat and grow their social circle with developers from all walks of life and different git vendors.
  • Video recording: (Coming soon) Record live sessions and share them with the community.

Code Crow reports that its Discord server has all the NFT information regarding the date of manufacture and whitelisting opportunities. They are preparing for the launch of their CryptoCoders NFT, 4444 Gen-0 CryptoCoders, which will be released in March. This will allow holders to earn Recursion Tokens (RCR) for live streaming, augmented with NFT rarity.

The holders of the NFT Cryptocoders will benefit from several advantages:

  • Early access to new partnership features and benefits, including “Tuition Assistance”. (restrictions apply).
  • Calculation time discounts for the collaborative cloud IDE.
  • Early access to the mobile application.
  • Special borders around your avatar to adjust your level.
  • HUGE benefits of partnering with Scrimba, MongoDB, and AWS (more coming soon).

At a recent press event, a Code Crow spokesperson explained, “Following the CryptoCoders NFT mint, Code Crow has major updates in the pipeline that will enable live streaming to unlimited audiences allowing meetings and large-scale events, video recording and sharing, a LinkedIn Learning-like video library, TikTok-like video responses, and shareable user profiles. The Discord also has channels to post projects and get help building resumes to land your dream job. The community is very helpful and we encourage new to experienced programmers to join and get help on their assignments and projects. We want to create a platform that will allow our users to earn money doing what they do every day; code and collaborate with the community.

RCR tokens will be backed by a Solana liquidity pool, will be tradable on a DEX, and can be used to:

  • Stake tokens to earn rewards.
  • Buy computer time for the next collaborative cloud IDE.
  • Buy goods from the upcoming market.
  • Show your love for other developers by tipping them on a live stream.

Partner benefits include 40% off Scrimba plans discount codes for Code Crow users. They are also supported by the AWS Activate and MongoDB Startup programs to relaunch the platform and much more to come.

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