Coffee Chat and Advent Calendar – The Suburban Times

A wonderful opportunity to have fun and inspire has presented itself as we prepare for the holidays.

On November 29, we will present our first publication Coffee Chat and Change the World, a living Advent calendar. The calendar, available free online, will feature activities that friends, family or individuals can do together for each day from December 1 to 25.

And who will write this? You are, of course.

Edward Jones - Bart Dalton

I ask our Coffee Chat friends who would love to play, to send me your ideas ([email protected]) on how to keep the Christmas spirit alive in these perilous times.

If your idea is successful, you will receive a copy of my book Catch the Christmas Spirit. Dea Irby and I bring family ideas. Anessa McClendon has some great dessert recipes. I’m pretty sure Barb Kohler will have some ideas for feeding the squirrels and Bil Lews will be sure to create some appropriate voices and signs of protest.

Just to get you started, check out Father Fred’s beautiful photo of Mary and Elizabeth meeting. (above) Tell the story. If you don’t know the story, ask Father Fred.

And Sandra Solon brought this idea;

My idea for the calendar:

Tacoma Community College

  1. A “carte blanche” gift. Put a blank card in the tree for each family member. Everyone chooses a card at random and writes a “gift” or “play date” for the other person or a “that’s why I love…” note on the card.
    For example. A card might say “take mum bowling” or “take daddy to a game” or “free child care” or “I love my sister because …” etc.

So Sandra and Father Fred each win a copy of Catch The Christmas Spirit, whether they like it or not.

Why not have fun and send me your idea for a Christmas / Holiday activity day. We’ll reveal the schedule on Christmas Chat and Change the World on November 29.

The Advent Calendar will be free for the Coffee Chat and Change the World public. We anticipate that future publications will also be available as e-books to raise funds for charity. Those of you who have tried making money from eBooks may have better ideas.

Come on, admit it. Aren’t you having fun?