Cops identify 6 Clubhouse youths chatting with Muslim women, say blocks increased online activity

New Delhi: Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell identified a total of six IDs on social audio platform Clubhouse which were part of a chat room – “Muslim girls are more beautiful than Hindu girls” – where lewd remarks and Islamophobes were made, ThePrint has learned.

All are between 18 and 22 years old and their online activity has increased due to the suspension of physical classes during the pandemic, Delhi police sources said.

Delhi Police had filed an FIR after a Clubhouse chat room on January 17 engaged in a lewd discussion about Muslim women and how having sex with them would increase the “virtue” and “good deeds” of Hindu men. A screen recording of the conversation was posted on Twitter.

The primary investigation revealed that some of the identity documents, identified after six people were interviewed earlier, were also part of two or three similar Clubhouse groups last year, the sources said.

Screen recordings of these chats had been sent for technical analysis to check for any voices making obscene remarks. So far, the Mumbai police have arrested three people about this and another Clubhouse chat room, while Delhi Police has not made any arrests so far.

“Before making any arrests, the authenticity of the video recording must be verified to rule out any voice modulation in the video as this could impact the trial in the case,” KPS Malhotra said. , Deputy Commissioner of Police, Intelligence Fusion. and Strategic Operations Unit (IFSO), Delhi Police.

“The only evidence of the vulgar remarks in this case is the first source, who had videotaped (screen) the audio conversation. Clubhouse does not record audio conversations in their chat rooms. Prior to making any arrests in the case and to prosecute, the authenticity of the video and the correspondence of the voices of the alleged persons must be verified,” said Malhotra.

A senior police officer speaking on condition of anonymity said:All the main suspects are between 18 and 22 years old. They said they joined Clubhouse around June-July last year. They said their internet activity – (time spent on) social media platforms, including hours spent in Clubhouse rooms – has increased as schools, colleges and universities are closed and classes are in online mode due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Police had called an 18-year-old man from Lucknow believed to be behind the ‘Bismillah’ identity card and who is the alleged creator of the first Clubhouse band. He was invited to join the investigation.

Delhi Police sources said that when questioned, the man said he created the chat room on the instructions of another ID – ‘Sallos’ – to whom he gave the key to the moderator. “The 18-year-old’s phone was seized. He informed the police of the true identity of ‘Sallos’,” said another senior officer.

According to the police, the “Sallos” ID card was created by a 17-year-old class 12 student from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. “He admitted to being the moderator of the group. Later, he changed the account name to Alcoholic Singh (username: alcoolique.singh). His mobile phone has been seized for forensic examination,” the officer said.

Other identifiers identified are: ‘2ez4Akash xd’ (username: ‘versace_on_me’), ‘??hrsh’ (username: ‘coochielove’), ‘Roma’ and another with username ‘ koko0107’.

The officer said another user created an account on Clubhouse in July 2020 under the name @mr_casanova. “He has been using this account continuously since then. He also created another account on Clubhouse about two months ago under the name @versace_on_me (name Toosexytoohandle) as a backup account,” the officer said.

“He said he shared his second account with his friend Akash Suyal on January 6. Akash used this account on Clubhouse with the name “ryuga”, which he later changed to “2ez4Akash xd” and then to “Kira XD’,” said the officer. Suyal, 19, a resident of Haryana, was arrested by Mumbai police on January 20.

The id ‘??hrsh’, according to sources, has been identified as a freshman B.Com. student from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. “He created the ‘??hrsh’ account in June 2021 but deactivated it on January 19 after the incident. He claimed he only participated in the Clubhouse room for about 10 minutes but did not had made no comment,” the officer said.

The officer added, however, that there was another account with a similar name, “Harsh”, in the same Clubhouse room.

The other two identifiers identified are ‘Roma’ and username-koko0107. “Roma and the second user have joined the investigation,” the officer said.

ThePrint had earlier speak to Roma, who claimed she joined the group after seeing users with names like “Bismillah”, and that she didn’t approve of any of the things said about the group. She said she only joined “thinking it was an open chat room”, and left the chat room when participants started talking about the Babri Masjid.

Sources said user ‘koko0107’ only made general remarks.

(Edited by Rohan Manoj)

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