Danny of Emmerdale star says the show was his “biggest job”

Louis Healy admitted landing a role in Emmerdale in 2019 was “incredible”.

The actor, 21, appeared on the ITV soap opera between 2019 and 2020, playing the role of Danny Harrington, the ex-boyfriend of Sarah Sugden.

Louis’ character met Sarah online in September 2019 before they met in person and hit it off, but Dany had second thoughts and was scared off by Sarah’s infamous family.

However, love was back when Charity Dingle reunited with Danny, but he was confronted with a disturbing story, asking Sarah to sell him drugs – claiming he would be beaten up if she didn’t.

Louis Healy joined Emmerdale in 2019, playing villainous Danny Harrington

Speaking exclusively to The Daily Star, Louis said: “It was amazing, it was by far my biggest job and my most high profile role.

“Obviously my script and my character was heavily involved with the Dingles and with Sarah, who is one of the main parts of the family.”

He added: “I was so excited when I got there, obviously my mum had been in soaps and was ITV affiliated and it was a looping moment for me, not just for me but also for my mum and my father.

Louis Healy found himself immersed in a huge story on the soap opera
Louis Healy found himself immersed in a huge story on the soap opera

“What I had to do was my first time playing a real villain for a long time, so I had to develop the character in a way that I didn’t before because I hadn’t done that things for a month or two at a time.

“While Emmerdale, I was in there for about seven or eight months, so I was really able to get my teeth into it.”

However, Louis admits that his parents’ fame did not make him feel pressure to find certain roles.

Denise Welch and Tim Healy’s son continued: “I used to feel a little like that when I was younger but never from my parents or anyone in my family, it was pressure like that from my peers.

The 21-year-old admits he doesn't feel any pressure from his famous family
The 21-year-old admits he doesn’t feel any pressure from his famous family

“Kids wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable telling you, ‘God, you got balls, aren’t you trying to be anything when your parents have big shoes to fill.’

“I never felt pressure to fill boots, my parents were both successful and early in my career it opened a few doors for me.”

“All the parents who have kids who want to be comedians do it, they get in touch with agencies and I was underage so they had to sign things.”

Since leaving the leafy village of Emmerdale, Louis has starred in Hotel Portofino, The Pact and Vera.

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