Does Mario Party Superstars have online voice chat?

When it comes to voice chat in Nintendo online games, things are a little questionable. For starters, a lot of people aren’t crazy about the Nintendo Switch Online app which requires you to have a voice chat through your phone instead of the game itself. In addition, sometimes Nintendo games do not offer voice chat at all. So is this the case with Mario Party Superstars?

Mario Party Superstars has no voice chat integration, either through the game or the Nintendo Switch Online app. Instead, you’ll be stuck talking with a friend on another app like Discord. The only way to communicate in the game is by using stickers, which can be stuck on the screen whenever you are on the board. All you have to do is press any of the shoulder buttons or move the left stick when it’s not your turn to select a sticker.

It’s no surprise that Nintendo doesn’t support online voice chat for Mario Party Superstars. With the game being aimed at kids, Nintendo will likely use the logic that they want to protect their players and avoid the potential for bullying. Stickers are an easy way to communicate but can’t really get your point across. If you are playing with a friend, we recommend that you talk through Discord or a similar method.