Facebook will offer live chat support to users whose access to their accounts is blocked for any reason

Support for Facebook / Meta Lock: Facebook, Instagram and parent company Meta have been criticized for their lack of basic services for creators online, despite their attempt to attract creators by increasing financial incentives over those offered by other platforms. The problem is consistent, whether it’s the page management tools, the moderation of the community, or their assistance in the event of their account being blocked. However, it looks like Facebook may be trying to fix this as it announced a small test to provide live chat support to English-speaking creators who don’t have an assigned relationship manager.

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With this, he is looking to find a solution to provide mid-level stars with immediate assistance if they have any questions, be it regarding payment or the features of Instagram Reels. This feature will be especially useful in cases where these creators are stuck on their own accounts for some reason. Reports earlier this year highlighted an underground economy of people claiming to have internal access to Meta and charging fees to help people restore their accounts. Because Facebook’s customer service isn’t the most responsive, people ended up having to pay to gain access to their accounts again.

Now, the social media platform has said it is undertaking the testing of a live chat feature for some English-speaking users, including creators, around the world. These people have been blocked on their accounts. Facebook said it was the first time the giant had offered live support to resolve the issue and the focus was on users who had been blocked because they violated community standards or because of ‘unusual activity.

Apart from that, the company also announced other changes this week, including better comment moderation with keyword blocking, a dedicated place to show hidden comments, and the ability to block a user as well as any potential new accounts. that he might have.