Football’s hottest players, from sex-obsessed Romario to star antics with 700 Women

Footballers’ careers are often looked at through a lens these days, but some are more open than others about their activities in the bedroom.

And football has seen its fair share of playboys over the years, from global superstars like Diego Maradona to Premier League flops like Adrian Mutu.

Even Manchester United legend George Best once joked that it would be a tough choice between scoring a World Cup against Liverpool or sleeping with Miss World, but “fortunately he had done both”.

And with that in mind, Star Daily Sport watch some of the most excited stars in football.

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona reportedly partied days before his brain surgery

Maradona was perhaps the most gifted football player of all time, and the Argentine often left players bamboozled by his artistic acts.

However, alongside Maradona’s brilliance on the pitch, many scandals occurred outside the stadium.

Maradona allegedly cheated on his childhood sweetheart Claudia Villafane on numerous occasions – even fathering a child he denied was his for decades.

He even reportedly played with football’s most famous WAG, Wanda Nara, in Buenos Aires in 2006.

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George Best

Best was football's first superstar
Best was football’s first superstar

“If you had given me the choice to go out and beat four men and score a goal from 30 yards out against Liverpool or sleep with Miss World, it would have been a tough choice.

“Fortunately, I had both.”

Like Maradona, Best was a genius with a ball at his feet, but Best is perhaps most famous for his antics off the pitch.

Best was football’s first superstar and earned the nickname “the fifth Beatle”.

Adil Rummy

Rami dated Pamela Anderson
Rami dated Pamela Anderson

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Adil Rami might not be the most famous name on this list, but the centre-back has a decent football CV with spells at Sevilla and AC Milan.

However, that didn’t stop Rami from dating Pamela Anderson for a while.

And Rami’s ex-teammate Aleksandr Kokorin said: “Rami told us a lot of interesting things about Pamela Anderson, of course everyone was interested in their relationship in bed.

“Rami said Pamela was the best wife he had in his life. He said he and Pamela used to have sex 12 times a night.”


Romario is dating influencer Marcelle Ceolin

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Romario was once one of Barcelona’s most exciting talents, but his meteoric rise quickly crumbled.

“Romario was only interested in two things: football and fucking, Romario’s way of life, his constant comings and goings caused problems with his wife,” Hristo Stoichkov said. FourFourTwo.

The Brazilian’s party lifestyle caught up with him when Johan Cruyff chased him away to Barca side.

Romario is now dating an influencer, Marcelle Ceolin, 25 years her junior.

Antonio Cassano

Cassano’s fiery temper has occasionally seen him strip naked before leaving the pitch

Antonio Cassano was one of Italy’s best strikers, but he developed a reputation off the pitch that limited his chances.

Cassano claimed to have slept between 600 and 700 women early in his playing career.

The Italian was even offered the opportunity to star in a porn shoot of the famous Italian porn actor Rocco Siffredi.

Siffredi said: “Cassano has said several times that he’s been with 3,000 women, so my proposal may not be a problem.”

Adrien Mutu

Mutu had an unceremonious split with Chelsea
Mutu had an unceremonious split with Chelsea

Like Cassano, Mutu enjoyed relative success in Italy, but a failed move to Chelsea derailed the Romanian’s career.

In May 2004, Mutu was the subject of a newspaper sting in Romania that caught him in the act with a porn star.

Jose Mourinho, who was reportedly furious with his player, and he was fed up with his playboy lifestyle.

And a failed drug test a few months later was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Vagner Love

Vagner Love admitted to loving orgies
Vagner Love admitted to loving orgies

Vagner Love once spoke candidly about his sex life with Playboy Brasil, and he alleged that he participated in orgies as a single man.

“Does that happen? Now I’m married, but [orgies] come. If there were six men, it looks like we’re going to have eight women, more or less. the [groupies] want to enjoy.

“They want to take a footballer and then tell their friends about it: ‘Hey, I was with this guy, I was with this guy’.

“There’s a lot of competition between them. They all want status and a bit of glory.”

Marco Borriello

Borriello had an unforgettable spell at West Ham
Borriello had an unforgettable spell at West Ham

You’d be forgiven for forgetting Marco Borriello’s Premier League stint.

After all, he only made two appearances through injury for West Ham in the 2013/14 season.

However, in Italy, Borriello came up with a unique excuse for failing a drug test – ‘penis cream’.

Borriello’s girlfriend said she had passed on a sexually transmitted infection and recommended treatment containing the banned substance.

peter floor

Arsenal footballer Peter Storey takes a break during the league game against Everton.
Storey ran a brothel

Peter Storey was considered Arsenal’s ‘tough man’ in the 1960s and 1970s.

But Storey’s football career is only part of what he’s remembered for – Storey ran a brothel, smuggled porn and plotted a counterfeit gold scam.

His first wife left him after lamenting his “drinking and carefree ways” after his career ended.

And he was sentenced to six months in prison after being found guilty of opening and running a brothel.