Free woman Kaye Adams fears ‘sexism’ accusations amid Macron photo chat

Loose Women host Kaye Adams stopped dead when discussing a photo of Emmanuel Macron baring his chest, fearing accusations of ‘sexism’.

While many viewers weren’t expecting the ITV talk show to air given it was Easter Monday, it was a bit later than normal with Kaye joined on the panel by Frankie Sandford, Katie Piper and Jane Moore. As well as interviewing Bucks Fizz star Jay Aston about his daughter’s battle with meningitis and discussing Disney’s pioneering new film, Turning Red, the Loose Women reacted to a photo of French President Macron, posing with his shirt open, proudly displaying his hairy chest.

Macron has been accused of trying to rally young voters as he battles to beat Marine Le Pen, posting a series of informal snaps, one of which sees him lying on a yellow sofa, with his shirt unbuttoned, showing his wealth of chest hair. Reacting to the photo, Kaye said: “You looked and that and thought double standards, didn’t you?” to which Katie replied, “He gives me all the right feelings. But I think it’s really unfair like he’s a woman, with such a low-cut top; if they had big breasts, they’d be seen as a bimbo, not so smart, unprofessional. So it’s a double standard.”

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Kaye replied: “The only thing is and I don’t really know, but culturally they might be different in France and I don’t know if they would have that reaction to a female politician. If someone is French, they can Correct me, but I don’t know if that’s the case. I think they’re a little more comfortable with their looks.

After Frankie remarked that “there was too much hair” for her, saying it looked like Macron was wearing “a hairy t-shirt”, Kaye commented: “You made me feel a little embarrassed, Because, I look at this and I like a hairy chest, but I don’t want to look like an old bitch. And if you put all the sexism in there, I must be very professional, right? How boring. Can’t I just say it looks really good? He wears it well.