From Cochrane to the Hall of Fame – A Conversation with George Fox

Cochrane member George Fox will be officially inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in September in Calgary.

“I guess real estate values ​​just disappeared on George Fox Trail.” jokes Fox. “I was very surprised. You start looking back at those days in the 90s, mostly when I was tearing up and running and racking up a lot of air miles and doing my thing.

George Fox is known for his country hits such as ‘Moment of my life‘ and ‘Mustang Heart‘. Before sharing the stage with legends like Randy Travis and Loretta Lynn, Fox grew up on land just outside of Cochrane.

“I grew up on a ranch just northwest of Cochrane with my parents, Bert and Gert Fox.”

“It was Bert, Gert and a little squirt.”

“My mother and father, although they are both deceased, they were an integral part of the community. At that time I remember the population sign going up Cochrane Hill was 4,400 people and it stayed that way. It seemed like an eternity. It wasn’t the complex, fast-paced world it is today.

Fox has since moved to land in Ontario, but says he’ll never forget where it all started.

“I took my band out of high school. If you had gone to the Legion hall or the Cochrane bar or something, while you would see a bristol board there with a magic marker saying that the future Hall of Famer George Fox will live tonight.

“I have to tell you, it was probably the most fun time I’ve ever had in my life.”

Many Cochranites mention George Fox’s name in their daily lives, and not just to request his songs on 91.5 FM. George Fox Trail is one of the main roads in the city that leads to the communities of Bow Ridge, Jumping Pound, etc.

“It’s just as much for my mother and my father. My name is there but I think of the people who have built this community and I think of them more necessarily than of my career.

“A girl who was a neighbor of my parents who eventually moved to Cochrane from the ranch. She wrote a letter to the newspaper suggesting that her neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Fox are great people and that the son is a singer. You should name him a street.

“Vern Friesen was the mayor at the time and he was right behind it, thought it was going to be George Fox Road, but my thing was the Fox track.”

“Then there were new trails and all that stuff, so I thought, well, you know, let’s call it the George Fox Trail.”

Check out George Fox’s full interview here where he details everything from his time at Cochrane High to building his career in Nashville.