General Hospital star Tabyana Ali reflects on Trina’s love life dilemma

Trina Robinson originally had feelings for Spencer Cassadine when she met him at “General Hospital,” but had no idea he had a girlfriend. It was clear the two were beginning to form an attraction, but feeling betrayed by her supposed loyalty to Esme Prince, Trina turned to Rory Cabrera for comfort. Now that Spencer has testified on her behalf — providing her with an alibi at her peril — Trina is torn between the two men.

Actress Tabyana Ali was interviewed by soap center not only expressing his appreciation and love of fan support, but also praising Nicholas Chavez. “His work ethic is absolutely amazing. He’s good at what he does,” she said. When asked how she felt about Spencer testifying on her behalf, she said, “Spencer did this to me? I don’t know what she’s going to do next.”

She went on to say in the interview that Trina knows that Rory is a really good and moral guy who she really likes. “I really think Rory is trying…he’s a good guy who knows himself.” she says. She also went on to say that because Trina tried to prove her innocence herself by following clues, she was an inspiration to women to be strong and independent.

No matter which man she chooses, Trina’s freedom is always in question.