‘Give where they live’: CFSEA creates Cypress County community fund

Three other rural community funds – the Brooks & District Community Fund, the Prairie Crocus Community Fund for Special Areas 2 and 3 and the MD of Acadia, and the Rural Community Fund of Forth Mile – were established in 2019. Gray says they have seen a sharp increase in grants to charities in these areas since then.

She says the funds have helped build deep bonds in communities and the same is expected for the new fund.

“And what we love about it is that it provides an opportunity for people to live in the community, who know what’s best in their area and what is needed in their communities determine what is best in their area. who needs funding and what doesn’t, ”says Gray. “So it was always a little trickier with our grant community whether, we’ve always distributed funds across the region, but these advisory committees really give us that local knowledge and expertise on what those needs are. . “

The county and CFSEA are seeking county residents to sit on an advisory committee that will lead the direction of funding. Four people have come forward, including board members, and Gray says they’re looking for three or four more committee members.

A statement from Cypress County Council says the new fund will give an extra boost to big county projects and ideas.