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ALISO VIEJO – Most hummingbirds are only seen for a moment, but an Aliso Viejo family offers a closer look into the world of tiny creatures.

For about a year, Navid and Diane Davani hummingbird webcam showed a nest on a wrought iron chandelier on their patio, with a bird they named Emma. Now loyal birders on the internet are tweeting with excitement – Emma laid her first egg of the season at 7:09 a.m. Monday, and another egg will arrive in the next 48 hours.

“This egg is just the size of a Tic Tac,” said Diane Davani, adding that the nest was about the size of a golf ball.

The couple began posting a video of the nest and a blog last year in memory of her husband’s grandmother, who loved to watch the little birds, she said. Finding the first egg of the season in the nest on Monday morning was particularly touching, Davani said, as it is the first anniversary of his death.

“You think the odds are 1 in 365,” Davani said. “It’s incredible.”

Another sign had already caused a stir among dedicated bird watchers commenting in the streaming video site’s chat room. A feather woven into the nest looked like Emma herself, down to the red coloring under her beak.

“The joke is that Jesus in the grilled cheese has nothing on us,” Davani said.

The relationships the family forged with frequent watchers are part of the reason Davani said she kept the video and blog, although it hasn’t always been easy as she juggles being a mother to two children. The video has attracted people from 28 countries, and some are recording daily, she said.

“We have become like a family in there. The bond that was made in this room, some of these people have met in person, ”she said. “I couldn’t let go.”

The two chatroom moderators will have the honor of naming this year’s chicks when they hatch in about 17 days. Birds are born featherless, Davani said.

“They look like little black raisins,” she said.

The site has also caught the attention of teachers and parents of home students, Davani said. When last year’s chicks flew off on their own, 350 people tuned in to watch.

“I feel like I am sharing something special that I have been blessed with,” she said. “Would it be a lot of fun if I just had to watch it for myself?” “

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