Video Conferencing and Chat for Business Platform Review (Sponsored Content by Hannah Madison) is a service that removes geography as a barrier to face-to-face meetings. It is a fluid communication platform for individuals and professionals. It helps support workflow and balance working relationships among all employees. Numerous reviews show that users often use video conferencing and chat for business.


What features does the iMind platform have?

The iMind video conferencing platform has useful functions and features. The main ones are:

  • has a free plan;
  • it is possible to create up to 10 rooms free of charge;
  • simultaneous screen sharing;
  • high video quality;
  • has background noise suppression;
  • it’s easy to create a meeting room: you enter the name of the room and get a link. Then copy it and send it to the participants;
  • joining the meeting is easy: just follow the link;
  • you can configure the volume of participants;
  • there is a conference recording option;
  • you can record multiple conferences at once in different rooms of the Pro plan.

The amount of meeting rooms a user can create depends on their subscription:

  • Free plan: up to 10 rooms;
  • Pro package: up to 100 rooms;
  • Business Plan: unlimited number of rooms.

Online chat for business allows up to 12 participants to video chat. Conference calls allow users to communicate with other participants regardless of time and location.

What are the pros and cons of is the best cost-based conferencing platform on the market that gives you access to lots of tools. It has the main advantages:

  • high security;
  • easy to use;
  • attractive and understandable user interfaces;
  • simple and precise functions.

To create a meeting room, you need to register on iMind or log in to your account. You will then be automatically redirected to your account control panel. Here you can manage your meeting rooms: view the current one or create a new one. is a very discreet app that more businesses should take advantage of. The only thing some users will mention is that after the free resources, it can get expensive on a yearly basis. Sometimes it may be delayed when there are many participants in the room. However, in general it works well in sessions.

What are the opinions of users on the platform?

Many customers use for business. Their reviews indicate that the platform has proven itself as a high-quality service. Customers appreciate being able to bring office work to their homes with video conferencing and online chats. They can do this on their laptop, PC or mobile phone.

Users find useful features related to management and leadership. They just have to look for it. There are many free topics, informative templates, and simple tools. is an opportunity for employees to access information through videoconferencing.