Kimi | A conversation with Jaime Camil about how our devices are always listening [Exclusive]

Released on HBO Max today is the feature film, Kimi. This quirky thriller comes from the director who also helmed the Oceans franchise as well as movies like Traffic, Steven Soderbergh. The film’s lead actress is Zoë Kravitz who is set to make a splash next month with Warner Bros. Pictures, The Batman.

We currently live in a world that is slowly being drowned out by devices capable of listening to us. With devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google to name a few, it’s hard to know when we’re really alone. Have you ever felt like an ad popped up just as you were talking about it? It’s probably not a coincidence. So if these devices are still listening, is there a chance they’re listening for something sinister?

Enter Kimi. In this film, we meet Angela Childs, played by Kravitz. She has a past trauma that kept her from leaving her home in Seattle. Luckily, his job only requires him to sit in front of his computer screen. She works as a voice stream interpreter for The Amygdala Corporation which has an Alexa-like virtual virtual assistant called Kimi. In one of these recordings, she notices something strange. She thinks she listened to a murder. When she confronts Amygdala, she quickly learns that she may have stumbled upon something much bigger.


With the release of Kimi on HBO Max, LRM Online’s Emmanuel Gomez spoke with Jaime Camil. He is one of the actors in the film who is part of the Amygdala Corporation. Camil talks about his experience with Kimi type devices and how they have gone a long way in helping us with all our needs. He also shares with us whether or not he likes playing the bad guy. At this time, he also praised Soderbergh’s direction and Kravitz’s on-screen work. It’s a great conversation that you can check out below!

Here is more information about Kimi

What if every breath…every sound…every moment was recorded?

New Line Cinema and HBO Max Present Oscar-winning Director Steven Soderbergh’s Original Thriller”KIMI», with Zoë Kravitz. Alongside Kravitz (upcoming “The Batman”), the film stars Byron Bowers (“No Sudden Move”), Jaime Camil (“Schmigadoon”), Erika Christensen (“Traffic”), Derek DelGaudio (“Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself”), Robin Givens (“Riverdale”), Charles Halford (“Logan Lucky”), Devin Ratray (“Secondary Effects”), Jacob Vargas (“The 33”), with Rita Wilson (“Mamma Mia!”).

Soderbergh, whose most recent film for the streamer was the star-studded “No Sudden Move” and who later returns for “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” directed “KIMI” from a screenplay by acclaimed screenwriter David Koepp. Frequent Soderbergh collaborator Michael Polaire and

Koepp produces.

Behind the scenes, Soderbergh was joined by his frequent collaborators, production designer Philip Messina (the “Che” films), costume designer Ellen Mirojnick (“Logan Lucky”, “Behind the Candelabra”) and composer Cliff Martinez (” Contagion”, “Traffic”).

HBO Max Kimi is not available exclusively on their streaming service.