Mad Hatter and Happy Hatter – December 27

Mad hatter

It is time for our first apologies to environmentalists. It’s called freedom of speech. You said much worse to the media. STOP wasting MY taxes on your ideology. Remind your lawyers that WE pay without your consent.

Mad hatter

Irritated that our province pushes us into American politics. If we wanted to become USA, we would move there. Say to the not-so-wise part, “We live in Canada and it’s our choice.” Not yours.

Mad hatter

Interestingly, Canada has decided to follow the US boycott of the Winter Games as a message of protest against human rights violations in China. While our Prime Minister stands ready to let the Government of Quebec pass racist laws in our own country! The PM is unwilling to defend the rights of Canadian citizens, because if he does, he might not be popular in Quebec and lose voters! Imagine being fired from your job and losing a career because of your culture or your beliefs! The cross that I wear on my necklace is a religious symbol and no one has ever wondered whether I should wear it or not !! Wearing a cross on a necklace is no different from wearing a hijab. It is a shame that our federal government allows racist laws and behavior to occur in this country! Someone has to stand up to the bullies in Quebec, not for votes, but because it’s simply the right thing to do!

Mad hatter

I got my utility bill, I did the fixed rate but even at the fixed rate it was high. It’s all these extra fees that they add to it.

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