Man released sexual footage of woman after Stowmarket robbery


A man was jailed for a harassment campaign that included distributing intimate photos and videos of a woman he broke into his home.

Jordan Clarke broke into the woman’s property in Stowmarket and tampered with the plumbing after texting her saying: “It never rains, but it rains”.

Three weeks later, the woman discovered that Clarke had also sent intimate photographs to her ex-husband and brother-in-law.

Clarke was jailed for 32 months at Ipswich Crown Court on Wednesday after admitting to being the victim of harassment, burglary and disclosure of private sexual images.

Prosecutor Donal Lawler said the 34-year-old man used a backdoor key to enter the woman’s home and disconnect a hose under the tub, before stealing items and cutting clothes in a bedroom.

Mr Lawler said the burglary was preceded and followed by “constant calls and messages” from Clarke, who said he wanted to ruin the woman’s life, before also sending private sex footage to the woman. ex-husband and the wife’s former brother-in-law.

The victim said her mood and focus were affected by a lack of sleep resulting from Clarke’s harassment.

The court heard that Clarke had 28 previous convictions for 64 offenses and was recalled to prison until 2025 after his release last September, when he moved to Bedlar’s Green, Great Hallingbury, near Bishop’s Stortford.

Clarke was jailed for eight years and nine months in July 2016 for breaking a restraining order, assaulting and attempting to kidnap her ex-partner in Braintree, stealing her car and driving her while she was disqualified, robbing her her own father’s house and burned down her estates of the ex-spouse and stepmother.

Lynne Shirley, attenuating, said Clarke realized he had acted stupid and learned a lesson.

She said that since being released from prison, Clarke had formed a relationship with her children from a previous relationship and worried about the impact of returning to custody.

Judge Emma Peters said Clark committed a “truly frightening” offense by breaking into the woman’s home before “using” private footage against her.

She said Clarke caused the woman a lot of anxiety and distress.

He was jailed for 32 months, along with his other sentence, and was issued an indefinite injunction preventing him from contacting the victim.