Martin Lewis hits Boris Johnson amid calls for star to ‘become prime minister’ | Celebrity News | Show biz & TV

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis appeared to hit Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Twitter amid calls from his supporters for the money expert to “be PM”. Speaking to Twitter, the finance guru said anyone wishing to run for the job should be “automatically disqualified” from doing so, prompting a follower to ask him to consider joining the House of Lords. in place.

In view of his 1.2 million followers, Martin thanked the social media user who suggested he would be an excellent candidate for prime minister, while targeting Boris.

Martin replied, “Very nice, but no thanks.

“Frankly, I’m afraid anyone who wants to be prime minister will automatically be disqualified from doing the job!”

The star was responding to Twitter user Elainebks, who praised the financial reporter for his speech calling on the government to include online scams in its online safety bill.

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The government’s online security bill was announced in May after two years of drafting.

The legislation promises to examine a variety of content, including grooming, vengeful pornography, hate speech, and child abuse images.

Despite the inclusion of provisions to tackle online scams such as bogus investment opportunities, this does not extend to fraud through advertising emails or cloned websites, the BBC reported.

Following the news, Martin called the government, saying their bill did not go far enough.