Mia Goth is the star she deserves to be

As she kneels beside her bed, a young pearl prays to heaven, begging, “Please, Lord, make me the greatest star the world has ever known so that I can get very, very far away from this place.” Pearl’s character read like a tragic figure in “X,” but now that we can clearly see that she’s always been a monstrous woman, it could completely change how audiences initially viewed the character as an old woman. Knowing how Pearl ends up near the end of her life, it’s fascinating to see what led her to become the alligator nurturer we know. “I want to be special, dancing on the screen like the pretty girls in the pictures,” she says, like a twisted version of Dorothy Gale singing about going somewhere over the rainbow. sky in “The Wizard of Oz”.

It seems Pearl is the type of monster that was created, not born, and her murderous rampage is a way to escape her restrictive family life. And yet, we see her believing there may be something “wrong” about her, even as she destroys those around her, Pearl still seems to have a moral compass. Ti West really did a lot of brilliant character work while developing both “X” and now “Pearl,” and getting those movies back-to-back allows audiences a fascinating look at how movies can completely change based on the amount of backstory provided by the filmmaker. I am obsessed. “Pearl” can’t get here fast enough.