Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w19a tests “Chat Preview” feature, more fixes

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter

Minecraft: Java Edition, the legacy version of Minecraft that started it all, gains a new snapshot almost every week that gives players a glimpse into the future of Minecraft. A new content update is coming later this year, and Mojang Studios has been tirelessly developing the version ahead of its eventual launch. On Thursday, Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w19a began rolling out to interested players.

Minecraft’s latest snapshot continues to build on The Wild Update, a major content-packed update released sometime in 2022. It’s not the most exciting snapshot for most players, aside from a handful of bugfixes and small changes, but those mired in the technical or creative side of Minecraft may be intrigued.

The main feature of this release is none other than chat preview, a new feature that servers can now test through this snapshot, which allows a server-modified chat preview to appear above the window editing chat for players. Mojang Studios’ infamous PC game also gets a handful of other command line changes, and more.

In case you missed it, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta is also out, alongside the news that some features originally slated for release with The Wild Update have now been removed, such as fireflies.

The full changelog for Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w19a includes:


  • Guardians and Iron Golems now ensure they spawn on top of something solid

Technical updates

  • Servers can now enable chat preview, which displays a server-controlled preview above the chat edit box
  • Changes to location and placement controls
  • Point of interest tags

Chat Preview

  • Servers can enable chat preview by setting previews-chat=true in server.properties
  • When enabled, a server-controlled preview appears above the chat edit box, showing how the message will look when sent
  • This can be used by servers to preview messages with styling applied, such as emojis or chat coloring
  • Chat preview sends chat messages to the server as they are typed, even before they are sent
    • The server then returns the styled preview in real time
    • This allows servers to apply dynamic message styles while still allowing secure chat signing
  • A warning screen appears on the client when connecting to a server with chat preview, and it can be globally disabled in chat settings
  • Dynamic chat styling can also be controlled by the server, although this is only signed when chat preview is enabled
    • Customers may prefer to always display the original signed message by enabling “Show only signed chat” in the chat settings


  • Added template subcommand to place ordered
  • locate command moved to locate structure, locatebiome moved to locate biome
  • Added locate poi
  • Servers will now also send an additional icon and MOTD packet after a player logs in
    • This allows servers with enable-status=false to set an icon and MOTD for players who log in successfully
  • place model
    • the place the command can now also place models at a given location
    • Syntax:
    • place template