Monkeys forced to ride dogs in twisted ‘torture island’

The monkeys are forced to ride dogs and motorbikes through a twisting station filled with sickening stunts.

The sickening sight called “Monkey Island” sits off Nha Trang in Vietnam and sees other animals such as bears parade past crowds of tourists.

Animal welfare charity Animals Asia called the resort “awful”, while a tourist who witnessed the disturbing sight renamed the Vietnamese destination “Torture Island”.

Dave Neale, 49, director of animal welfare at Animals Asia, told the DailyMirror“Monkeys ride tiny motorbikes around a track. They are put on the backs of the dogs and the dogs race.

“They also run the monkeys in a swimming pool. They put food on one end and these monkeys swim across.

Monkeys are also made to run in a swimming pool

“The bears are also used for shows, they ride normal motorbikes or bicycles.

“I went to the station a few times. It’s horrible. It’s an abusive place. You can see that the animals are afraid of the trainers in the arenas. They wield sticks.

“We know they hit them in training because you can see the reaction of the animals. They glare menacingly at the animals and show them the stick.

“From an early age, they were bullied by trainers into doing these tricks. To get them to sit on a bike, you need a lot of dominance.

“Eventually they do it because they know they received physical punishment for not doing it in the past.”

Monkeys are also forced to ride motorcycles
Monkeys are also forced to ride motorcycles

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The 49-year-old from Coventry said the ‘Monkey Island’ circus was free for visitors.

He said: “People don’t pay to watch the circus. They pay to stay on the island and these shows are happening around them.

“We contacted the owner, Long Phu Corporation, to talk about the circus as we can provide homes for some of the animals. They just use it as something to lure people to the island.

“But we haven’t had any response so far.”

Dave said he went behind the circus stage after a show and found the animals being held in cramped cages.

Animals are kept in cramped cages
Animals are kept in cramped cages

He added: “It was difficult to deal with. They are in this situation 23 hours a day.

He called the circus a spot on the island, known for its golden beaches and wild monkeys.

Visitors have left positive reviews of the island online, celebrating its beauty, with some even claiming to have enjoyed the twisted circus performances.

Others, however, condemned the abuse, writing: ‘Travel is only suitable for people with no empathy for animals. It’s basically a torture island circus.

A visitor described the station as
One visitor described the resort as “torture island”

A second said: “I’m still haunted by what I saw here, the blatant animal cruelty.

“The stray monkeys seem to be fine, but they’re having animal shows, races where petrified animals are basically kicked to perform.

“I left at the end as I couldn’t watch after they put a traumatized disguised bear on a motorbike.”

The Daily Star has approached Long Phu Corporation for comment.