My recent conversation with Merseyside Police Chief – Pete Price

I recently visited the new state-of-the-art police headquarters in Merseyside, which cost £48million.

It’s beautiful, open and spacious.

There is a wonderful calm as you enter, unlike Canning Place which was no longer suitable for a modern police force.

Now we have cybercrime, which is a different kind of monster, which takes up a lot of staff hours.

The new construction was cheaper than a renovation of the old headquarters.

I was treated to a guided tour by Chief of Police Serena Kennedy, who has been in the job for just over a year.

I have to say that I really like her and she’s not shy about asking tough questions, as you can hear on my podcast – The Very Best of Pete Price.

She talked about a lot of things, but said the biggest job she had to do was to win back the trust of some of the audience.

Serena also said inclusion is one of her top priorities.

One thing she promised is that black communities on Merseyside will be involved and represented in policing and not under-protected or over-policed.

We talked about drug and gun crimes, but I was surprised to learn that 80% of requests to the police were not crime related.

I ended by asking the Chief Constable what his message to the general public was.

She said: “Merseyside is an amazing place and Liverpool is one of the safest cities in the county. My officers will work tirelessly to ensure your safety.

For me, you have to help the police – it’s a partnership – it’s the modern police.