Parents search for missing teenage son in Johor

JOHOR BARU: The parents of a 14-year-old boy are asking him to come back after he allegedly ran away from home three days ago.

His mother, Wong Lai Chan, 44, said the incident happened after the teenager, Leong Jun Zhe, was punished for watching porn.

“The father punished him by asking him to stand outside the house. However, after an hour he disappeared and so far we don’t know his whereabouts,” she said, adding that everyone was worried about him.

Wong added that even his elderly mother-in-law drove in search of his grandson.

“He just left with nothing, including money, ID or other personal effects,” she said, adding that her son did not have a cellphone.

She hoped the son would go home because he might be embarrassed and run away.

When asked if he had run away in the past, she said there was once about two months ago, but he came back the same night.

“It was over some comics that we found him reading. It wasn’t a major problem but he came back the same evening. This time he’s been gone for three days,” said she said, adding that they had also informed the school and were in contact with his friends but no one had seen him.

She hoped to find her son because she missed him and his family.

“Yes, he makes mistakes, but leaving home suddenly is very heartbreaking for all of us,” Wong said, adding that she and her husband, Leong Chei Kin, 43, operate a stall and they have it. closed for two days while searching. the boy.

The couple, who filed a missing person report, sought the help of Iskandar Puteri MCA advisers Lim Soon Hai and Joseph Fu for assistance.

Lim said he had already sent the boy’s photo to all of their contacts, including Grab’s drivers, to be on the lookout for.

“I’m sure we can find the boy soon,” he added.

A police officer from Iskandar Puteri Police Headquarters confirmed receiving a report on the boy.