Pedophile who blackmailed children on explicit webcam shows jailed after at least one victim took their own life – World News

Aydin Coban, 38, is also wanted in Canada in the case of Amanda Todd, who committed suicide after revealing that she had been harassed by an unknown executioner.

Aydin Coban is wanted as a suspect in the case of tragic teenager Amanda Todd

A Dutchman who convinced young girls and gays to make explicit webcam shows and then used the footage to blackmail them has been jailed for more than 10 years.

Aydin Coban, 38, has targeted thousands of British primary school-aged girls and is also wanted in Canada as a suspect in the Amanda Todd case.

The 15-year-old took her own life after being tricked into exposing her breasts online and tormented by an unknown man.

The teenager sparked an international debate on cyberbullying when she posted a YouTube video detailing her harassment shortly before her death.

Coban denies any wrongdoing in the Todd case.

The 15-year-old took her own life after being tormented online



The Amsterdam District Court convicted him of fraud and blackmail involving more than 34 other girls and five gay men.

The court said Coban first gained their trust and convinced them to send him compromising sexual images.

Then he started demanding more and threatened to exhibit nude pictures of them if they refused.

“These were not empty threats,” the court said in a summary of its decision. “If a girl didn’t comply with her demands, then (Coban) didn’t hesitate to send sexual images to the victim’s family or friends.”

Amanda was tricked into exposing her tits on a webcam



The judges said Coban’s sentence, the maximum possible sentence, reflected the “devastating” impact his actions had on the lives of his victims.

After the conviction, a spokesperson for the NSPCC said: “Coban attacked these young people and made them commit sexual acts and share sexual images of themselves before trapping them in a network. blackmail and threats.

“We know that offenders can use live chat facilities to build relationships with young people before persuading them to send sexual images and videos.

“We applaud the dedication of the police in tracking down this despicable culprit and bringing him to justice.

Coban targeted British schoolchildren


Peter Byrne / PA Wire)

“The NSPCC is calling for a statutory code of practice on all web platforms used by children, which would make reporting, blocking and privacy settings easily accessible to young people.

“If you have any concerns about video chat sites, you can contact the NSPCC and the O2 Safety Helpline on 0808 800 5002.”

Canada has requested Coban’s extradition, a process that continues.

Speaking after the conviction on Wednesday, Amanda’s mother Carol Todd said she was “relieved”.

She told the Toronto Star: “I felt a sense of relief that he was convicted and received the maximum sentence possible.”