Pre-Season Game # 6 Live Chat: Maple Leafs vs. Senators

Toronto Maple Leafs v. Ottawa Senators

Leafs Preseason Game # 6 of 6
7 p.m. ET, Toronto
Watch on: Sportsnet 1
Opponent’s Site: Seven Senses Silver

The end of the beginning, the appetizer of the regular season dish; whatever you call it, this is the last preseason game before the Maple Leafs kick off the NHL regular season next Wednesday. There’s a lot at stake tonight for the few players still vying for one of those last permanent spots on the roster. What we should see tonight, with the exception of Auston Matthews still missing with his recovering wrist, is what the squad will look like next Wednesday, with just a couple of changes. Here is our preview as an aperitif for the game:

Speaking of appetizers.


Which Thanksgiving appetizer describes what you’ve thought of the Leafs preseason so far?

  • 14%
    The cheese plate: very expensive for the price

    (4 voices)

  • 7%
    Olives and Pickles: it’s an acquired taste; a little sour sometimes

    (2 voices)

  • 22%
    Cold cuts: delicious, but they do not replace the meat of the main course

    (6 voices)

  • 29%
    Raw vegetables and dip: nothing special, but someone took the trouble to put some there, so you have to put some on your plate and smile

    (8 voices)

  • 25%
    I didn’t watch anything. Appetizers take away valuable space in the stomach for stuffing and turkey.

    (7 voices)

27 votes in total

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