Quick Chat: Meghan Froemming – University of Georgia Athletics

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Sweaty and smiling after practice Tuesday, Georgia volleyball Meghan Cheese took place about 10 rows from the Stegeman Coliseum courthouse. Her fingernails were immediately eye-catching, painted a matte black, except for the ring finger of each hand which was made in a checkerboard pattern.

Froemming, a 6-foot junior from Marietta, Ga., Spoke about her fingernails during our quick chat. She also talked about the most interesting course the major in Risk Management and Insurance takes, her favorite Halloween candy, researching things online she knows she can’t afford to buy. , And much more.

Here is some of what she had to say:

Frierson: When you think back to the person you were when you arrived in Georgia and the person you are now, what differences do you find that set you apart?

Cheese : On the volleyball side, I have the impression that it is day and night. And it’s crazy because I feel like when you get to college, you’re at a certain level and you’ve taken the next step. You’re like, I’m a good volleyball player. And then you come here and you are surrounded by so much talent, whether in the team or in the opposing teams.

I feel like from the first year until now I’ve really been able to use this to my advantage and I’ve seen myself as a player evolve in so many different ways. Whether it’s to be a good teammate or to improve myself personally, which is great. I feel like I’m at the level of volleyball, it’s super cool.

In class, it definitely got more intense with the class load and everything in between. Having to manage my schedule and deal with more real issues, I feel like I experienced these things a little closer than in my first year. It’s been a learning curve for me, but in a good way.

Frierson: Speaking of classes, is there one you’re currently taking that really grabs your attention? Is there one that you really enjoy or that is particularly difficult?

Cheese : I have my core courses right now for business school, so none of them are my main courses. I would definitely say that finance is sometimes a victory and some days I’m really interested in learning more because it is very present in your life. But at the same time, it can be frustrating in terms of performance. I struggled a bit.

When I understand it is really interesting for me, but when I struggle a little it can be a frustrating course. Finance is probably the class I find the most interesting because of all of this.

Frierson: I can’t help but notice your fingernails, with the matte black on most of them and the checkerboard pattern on the ring fingers. Is there a story behind this?

Cheese : [Laughs] Funny you said that. I just did them and this is my first time doing black so I did matte because I feel like matte on black makes it less dark – the shine I had the impression of drawing attention to it.

I was just looking for the design I wanted, on Pinterest, and I came across this one. It worked pretty well, I don’t know. With Halloween approaching, maybe I can be a race car driver, I don’t know [laughs].

Frierson: That leads perfectly to my next questions: What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Cheese : Ooh. My God, this is so hard. Sometimes I’m all for chocolate and then I’m really big on sour lately so I’m probably going to take a sour route. I’ll go with the Sour Punch straws. They were hard to find when I used to make treats. they were rare [laughs].

Frierson: Do you have a favorite costume from your childhood or more recent times if you still dress every year?

Cheese : One of my favorites, I would say, I was a go-go girl and had the full outfit. I had the sparkly multicolored dress with flowing, soft sleeves, and then I had my boots all go-go. I had the headband with the big earrings – they were clip-on because I didn’t have my ears pierced at the time.

It was a fun costume, except I kept walking on my heels – they had a little block heel – and I kept walking on my heels and broke them. I had to change my shoes and mom was not happy with it. It was one of my favorites; I felt very cute in this one.

Frierson: In a perfect world, what are you doing in 10 years?

Cheese : I still see myself probably in Atlanta or on the East Coast, and moving up through the ranks in a fairly widespread business. I hope to get internships now that will put me in a good position to do it, and then in 10 years I would be comfortably in a company that I feel I have a good relationship with.

I’m currently doing risk management and insurance, and I’ll probably do something like risk assessment and stuff like that. I hope with a boyfriend, I do not know. We can add things to this [laughs]. All is not work! [Laughs] I don’t know, in 10 years I’ll be 30 and maybe I’ll be married. We can dream.

It was just scary. I was here, yeah, it’s my dream job. I do not know. I hope I can find someone [laughs].

Frierson: What are you doing to get away from school and volleyball? How do you spend the little free time you have?

Cheese : Sometimes Alexa (Fortin) and I like to do this because usually when we are bored or have some free time we like to shop online in the living room for things we can’t afford to buy. . Or sometimes we go to Walmart or Target and spend small amounts of money on small things that make us happy.

Other times we’ll stay inside and watch a movie. I also usually get a good phone call with parents.

Frierson: When it comes to buying things you can’t afford, how ambitious are you? If you know you can’t afford it, you could theoretically go really, really big.

Cheese : I think it hurts my heart, however. Like, I can’t go too far because it makes me so sad. If I stay moderate then maybe I can save and get it – maybe it might be the only gift on my Christmas list – so that I don’t go too crazy, not too over the top.

Zillow can get a lot of fun looking for houses in your spare time. I wouldn’t say this is where I go for my happiness, but it is entertaining.

(This Q&A has been edited slightly for length and clarity.)

Deputy Director of Sports Communication John frierson is the Editor-in-Chief of the UGA Athletic Association and Curator of the ITA Men’s Tennis Hall of Fame. You can find his work at: Frierson Files. He’s also on Twitter: @FriersonFiles and @ITAHallofFame.