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Here’s some news on a rare find that 1990s basketball card collectors will appreciate.

Dealer / collector Peter Kiefor forwarded photos of two cards that were part of a group created by Skybox in 1990 with NBC-TV broadcasters who were part of the network’s NBA team at the time.

His discovery of the Bob Costas and Pat Riley cards increases what is a very small population of what is thought to be a set of four cards. The others present Ahmad Rashad and Julie Moran. The cards were never put into packs, but rather intended for the broadcasters themselves.

Only a few of the Rashad and Moran cards have surfaced in the past and copies of the Costas and Riley cards have never been publicly offered. Production quantities are not known but PSA only noted a total of seven between the four cards.

Kiefor says he got the Costas and Riley from a former Skybox employee. After a long stint with the Lakers, Riley was no longer a coach during the 1990-91 season and accepted the position of NBC analyst.

“You can search the deepest depths of the internet and you won’t even be able to find an image of either of these maps,” Kiefor told us. “Set collectors wondered if they even existed. This is how rare they are.

Topps opened membership to its 582 Montgomery Club to collectors on Wednesday, adding a few newcomers to the list at a cost of $ 600. The demand was high. Many of those who entered an online queue never made it, and memberships were gone within minutes.

Those who originally signed up for the program were given the option to renew their membership on Tuesday for $ 300.

The Montgomery Club offers free exclusive cards and early access to Topps online offers throughout the year.

Star stock will launch its own auction platform next Tuesday. The format will be live auctions every weekday evening, with auctions on each lot lasting “no more than 1 to 3 minutes,” according to the company. The extended auction will be part of the concept, however.

The platform will include live chat and the ability to instantly transfer a card won at auction to the user’s StarStock vault.

At first, it will only be open to current users of the StarStock Vault, but the company has announced plans to make it available to all users to submit cards for auction.

If you like NFL history, you’ll like this story about some photographs from the Green Bay Packers’ first season in the NFL 100 years ago which are now up for auction.

JP Sports Thanksgiving weekend show has a new location. This year’s event, scheduled for November 27-28, will take place at the Westchester Marriott on White Plains Road in Tarrytown, NY.

It’s a 150-table event with autograph guests who include Lenny Wilkens, John Starks, Juan Gonzalez, Mookie Wilson, and Jesse Orosco.

Speaking of the 1986 Mets… they now have their own line of FOCO figures honor the 35e anniversary of the World Series championship.

When it comes to cards and all things sports collection, knowing the history is part of the fun. It is also important whether you are buying or selling. I spoke with Collectable Daily about this this week. Listen below.

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