Redhead Cam Girls Filed Under “Pumpkin Spice” In Honor Of Latte

It’s October. The air is crisp. The leaves fall. People are sharing images of pumpkins and squash family members on Instagram. It’s pumpkin spice time, aka pumpkin spice latte time.

Pumpkin-spice lattes, long derided as the staple bitch’s drink of choice, are still sold in droves; estimates this August bet that PSL has generated 1.4 billion Starbucks in sales since the drink launched in 2003. But maybe you’re interested in expanding your pumpkin spice options. Like, in porn!

CamSoda, a free cam site, has contacted us to let us know that they have introduced a special fall-themed cam category: Pumpkin Spice. At the time of publication, there were 12 girls on CamSoda under the #pumpkinspice umbrella. Talk about spicing things up.

“What started to gain popularity about 15 years ago when Starbucks introduced latte flavor to its seasonal menu, Pumpkin Spice has continued to permeate our daily lives,” read a statement from CamSoda regarding the launch. “To this day we’ve even seen the advent of Pumpkin Spice cereal, sausage and even deodorant. In the spirit of fall and to give people what they clearly want, CamSoda, a company adult entertainment and camming leader, today launched a Pumpkin Spice category, which features XXX videos of kinky red-haired camera models, with which users can also participate in private camera sessions. “


It’s not entirely clear if any of the women on the #pumpkinspice page are a natural redhead. You have to sign up with a credit card to be able to speak with them, and because I didn’t want to spend my own money and I’m afraid of raping PAPERsexual harassment policy, I looked elsewhere for a redhead perspective: namely to PAPERRedhead from the resident office of (natural), Digital Features editor-in-chief Claire Valentine.

Claire told me that the concept in general “tickles” her, although she noted that CamSoda didn’t seem to feature a lot of natural redheads, if any. “It’s not a big deal in itself,” she said. “But it would be nice to see some authenticity.” Representation matters.

“I don’t mind knowing [redhead fetishists] are there, “she said.” They’re a huge red flag when dating, but easy to spot anyway. “Especially if they post on a #pumpkinspice cam page.

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