Richard Osman’s net worth and relationships as star leaves Useless

TV presenter and producer Richard Osman has announced he will be leaving the hit BBC show Pointless for a new challenge.

The show has been running for 13 years and has become a popular fixture on British afternoon television alongside host Alexander Armstrong.

A BBC source said: “Quiz fans and housewives across the country will be disgusted by this news. Richard has become a staple of the day’s schedule, but sadly all good things must take end.”

Richard has appeared in over 30 series and over 1,300 episodes as the man behind the laptop, reporting to the studio on the quality of guest responses.

The news that Richard Osman is leaving the show will be a blow to Pointless fans

He’s expected to continue hosting the celebrity spin-off Useless Celebrities in the near term, before leaving that version of the show as well.

Why does Richard Osman leave Useless?

Thursday Murder Club author - Richard Osman
Books like Thursday Murder Club mean Osman is likely to focus his career elsewhere

‘Useless Friend’ Richard is said to have left the show after 13 years to focus on other projects and will likely have plenty of opportunities to choose from, such as his writing career.

The BBC source said: “His literary career is getting better and better, so he has to be a bit more demanding with what he does on TV.”

The source added: “His leaving is completely amicable but he just doesn’t have enough hours in the day to do it all so unfortunately something had to give.”

It was reported that the co-host spot will rotate between different presenters and that the show’s creators are “trying to find the right people quickly.”

His book The Thursday Murder Club was followed by a sequel in The Man Who Died Twice, while The Bullet That Missed is due out in September.

What is Richard Osman’s net worth?

Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong
Richard Osman is a successful producer, author and presenter and has a large fortune as a result

Richard Osman is said to have a large net worth of £1.3million, according to Net Worth Post.

Since that estimate, Richard has also secured a big book deal for his debut novel The Thursday Murder Club after a bidding war between publishers. He reportedly received £1.1m for the deal.

Richard, 51, is also a popular author, presenter, producer and comedian who has appeared on a range of shows like Richard Osman’s The One Show and House of Games.

Who is Richard Osman married to?

Ingrid Oliver
Osman is currently in a relationship with actress Ingrid Oliver, whom he describes as “the only one”.

Richard Osman is currently in a relationship with Doctor Who star Ingrid Oliver.

The first pair of friends found love 14 years after Richard divorced his first wife, with whom he had two children

On Desert Island Discs, he said, “Desert Island Discs, he said, ‘I’m happy with myself, I have these beautiful children, I met the woman I’m going to be with for the rest of my life.

“‘This thing of competition and ambition, you soon realize that rocket fuel goes away and it’s all about happiness and my kids bring me happiness and Ingrid brings me happiness.”

When his relationship with his previous wife broke down, Osman worried that he wouldn’t be spending enough time with his children after his own father left when he was ten years old.

He said: “I saw my children over and over again. It was quickly realized that it wouldn’t be the same, which is an amazing relief.

“They know I love them and I tell them all the time, which annoys them. But no one ever told me that.

At six foot seven, Richard previously dated five foot two jazz singer Sumudu Jayatilaka.