Sam Armytage says she never watches Sunrise in chat with Kyle Sandilands

Samantha Armytage made a surprise confession alluding to her feelings for her former Sunrise colleagues during a candid chat with Kyle Sandilands.

Former Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has admitted she never watches her former morning show after sensationally stepping down as co-host last year.

Speaking to Kyle Sandilands on air today, the former presenter with David “Kochie” Koch made it clear Sunrise is no longer part of his morning routine, laughing at a suggestion from Sandilands that it was a “silent protest”.

It comes after Armytage replacement Natalie Barr revealed they rarely spoke outside of work as co-workers during an interview last year following the departure of Armytage.

Armytage quit the Channel 7 show less than two weeks after saying in an interview that the TV industry is full of narcissists.

“Have you ever watched Sunrise and a little tear rolls down your cheek and you think ‘that was my chair’? asked Sandilands.

“No, no” Armytage was quick to respond, adding, “You know, we never turn on the TV in the morning.”

“So this is a silent protest?” I love that bitch,” Kyle joked as Armytage laughed along with him.

Elsewhere in the chat, the Channel 7 star said she opened up about her personal life, saying she had hoped to have children at an earlier stage in her life but “redirected her way “.

The podcast host opened up about her thoughts on starting a family while discussing Sandilands the recent announcement that he is expecting his first child with fiancée Tegan Kynaston.

Congratulating the 50-year-old KIIS FM shock jock on his baby news, Armytage said he would be a “wonderful dad”, adding, “I think this will really sweeten you up.”

“What is your story with the children? Did you have a discussion with Mr. Lavande? Does his sperm work or not? Sandilands joked in response.

“He has two kids from his first marriage… He does,” Armytage said with a laugh.

“Do you want kids or is that not your bag?” Sandilands probed again.

“I think I’m a bit past that now, I’m 75 now… It was on my radar but it just didn’t happen so you have to redirect your path.”

Joking that he would give away his newborn if he and Kynaston decided they weren’t up to it, Sandilands said: ‘If we have a child and we don’t love it and we think that’ sh*t it’s not for us’ we’ll ship it to you and it can live happily on the farm with you and the lavenders.

“It would be a great time here,” Armytage said, adding that she loved being an aunt to her sister’s children.

Armytage sold her North Bondi home for $2.8million in July 2020 and moved on to a quieter countryside lifestyle in the Southern Highlands with her husband, equestrian businessman Richard Lavender, leaving Sunrise in March of last year.

While she was replaced by newsreader Natalie Barr, Armytage still works for Seven and will make an appearance on The farmer wants a wife This year.

She and Lavender got married in Bowral on New Years Eve in 2020.

Lavender has two adult daughters, Sasha and Grace, with whom Armytage is close.

Listen to Sam’s podcast called Something To Talk About here