Shroud warns xQc about Twitch chat toxicity: “It’s terrible for your mind”

. 5 hours ago

Both Michael “shroud” Grzesiek and Felix “xQc” Lengyel are Twitch stars. However, the former is very worried about the sanity of the juicer warlord with his cat spiraling into chaos, issuing a warning to the biggest name on the platform.

Every successful streamer has had experience with toxicity. But when it comes to a constant barrage of negative reviews from their own viewers with no real chance to escape the insults, it will inevitably affect their sanity.

The degree of toxicity severity differs for each content creator. However, the FPS star shroud couldn’t help but notice that xQc particularly gets more trash talk than the rest.

“Every time I watch him, his conversation is just fucking roasting him. Absolutely talk shit over and over again. I couldn’t do it,” shroud said as he pondered his live thoughts aloud.

Shroud’s own Twitch chat responded with vindicating comments to other viewers, with reasons like “he gets paid” and “xQc doesn’t care.” However, the fact is that no one is completely immune to constant criticism, especially live.

“No matter how strong you think you are, you’re not when you’re reading Twitch chat. You are just not. It’s a whole different fucking beast because you’re literally live,” Shroud continues.

“What happens in your chat is what reflects on you, and you either feel negative or positive depending on what happened in the chat.”

Generally, xQc manages to weed out toxic comments effectively. But from time to time, the streamer loses his temper, becoming frustrated with several different variables leading to outbursts of anger.

Maybe the Twitch stream is entertained by the outburst of emotions, or maybe xQc’s personality is bringing out negativity in viewers. But shroud says it’s not for everyone, and there will be a time when xQc breaks.

“If I had my cat talking shit to me, 24/7, even if they’re hanging out, and it’s memes or whatever, I couldn’t do it. It’s terrible, terrible for your mind.