Simply Cocktails Launches New Starred Content Campaign Via Maven PR – Campaign Briefing

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Spirits PlatformAustralia’s leading distributor of premium liqueurs, spirits and whiskeys, has launched a new in-market content campaign for its consumer-facing social media platform, Simply cocktailsAU through Maven PR.

The social media content series, titled “Simply Cocktails – Influencer Edition”, features 12 prominent Australian personalities making their favorite cocktail, putting their own spin on the content in a fun and authentic way. The campaign includes videos and stills of cocktail creations ranging from the eccentric to the classic, and will be promoted on Simply Cocktail’s social platforms, as well as those of their liquor brands, from late October 2022 through March 2023. .

The all-star lineup includes chef Miguel Maestre, comedy duo Sketchshe, Masterchef’s Pete Campbell and Tommy Phamm, model Christina Ferve, designer Jasmine Stefanovic, chef Steve Flood, stylist Donny Galella, model Sheridyn Fisher, l actor Nick Slater and MAF star Melissa Lucarelli. As part of the campaign, each of the influencers created a series of video content that showcases the best of the Spirits Platform portfolio and explains how to make the most delicious cocktails, with mixology curation provided by the Spirits Platform education team. .

Cocktails created include a Licor 43 Espresso 43 (Miguel Maestre), a Cointreau Original Margarita and Passoa Porn Star Martini (Sketchshe), Mount Gay Black Barrel Daiquiri (Pete Campbell), Amaro Montenegro Montenegroni (Tommy Pham), a St Remy Signature Brandy Crusta (Steve Flood), Disaronno Fizz (Donny Galella), The Botanist Dry Martini (Christina Ferve), Fiorente Spritz (Jasmine Stefanovic), Licor 43 Big Apple 43 (Sheridyn Fisher), Mozart Mocha-tini (Nick Slater) and a Sierra Paloma (Melissa Lucarelli).

According to Kathy Bouzios, Head of Digital Marketing, Spirits Platform: “Each year we increase the social media exposure of Simply Cocktails, which is in its sixth year of establishment. When we launched, we had a head start in creating how-to-style cocktail videos, and in the six years since, video content has remained the most important type of content in our digital marketing strategy to promote home cocktail making. We recognize the power good talent can have in bringing brands to life, and the “Simply Cocktails – Influencer Edition” campaign aims to provide more dynamic content and educate Australians on the best ways to enjoy cocktails at home, convincingly. .”


Customer: Spirits Platform
Agency: maven rp
Videography: Secret
Photography: Photograph by May Lawrence
Styling: BOU design house
Organized mixology by the Spirits Platform educational team: Mark Hickey, Max Borrowman, James Woodyear-Smith.

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Simply Cocktails launches new star-studded content campaign via Maven PR
Simply Cocktails launches new star-studded content campaign via Maven PR