Star witness ‘Jane’ testifies that Kelly filmed sexual abuse when she was 14

Artist’s sketch of ‘Jane’, the star witness in singer R. Kelly’s federal trial in Chicago, who told jurors how Kelly began sexually abusing her when she was 14 and did several reruns of videotapes of them having sex.


In graphic testimony at the federal obstruction of justice and child pornography trial of R. Kelly, the prosecution’s star witness provided graphic testimony, publicly admitting for the first time that Kelly began sexually assaulting him at age 14 and repeatedly filmed their sexual activity.

‘Jane’, now 37, testified that she viewed Kelly as an ‘authoritative figure’ at the time, and said she engaged in sexual acts with him while she was minor “by intimidation”.

“I felt uncomfortable…but I admired him,” she testified. “It’s kind of become normal.”

“Jane” said she started having feelings for Kelly, and it became normal since sex with him was so frequent.

“I developed feelings for Robert. He said he loved me. He said he would take care of me. He said he would protect me…it made me feel good” , she testified.

She also told the jury that she considered herself submissive and wanted to give Kelly everything he needed, including bringing her friends “Pinky” and “Brittany” into their sexual relationship. “Brittany” was 16 during their first threesome with Kelly and “Jane” was 15, she testified.

When asked coyly that she was ready to do these things, “Jane” testified that she thought she was in love with Kelly at the time and didn’t want him to think that. she was not cooperating with him.

“Jane said ‘Kelly first asked her to keep their relationship a secret when they started having phone sex around the age of 13 or 14. She said Kelly told her they might be in trouble and that it was very important that she stay true to him.

She said she wanted to share the relationship with her friends, but she didn’t because she was scared, although she eventually shared it with her aunt, who introduced them.

“Jane” testified that Kelly started recording their sexual activity when she was 14 years old. She said she felt uncomfortable being recorded, but reiterated that Kelly was an authoritative figure and she didn’t want to feel “uncomfortable”.

The recordings included the use of lighting and camcorders and took place on Kelly’s bus, in his studio and in his George Street home.

“He let me know he wanted to film me…when we were in the room, he was setting everything up,” she testified.

“Jane” testified about three recordings that were played for the jury, showing her and Kelly having sex in her George Street home, bedroom and living room. She said she watched each of these videos in preparation for trial.

In one of the videos, “Jane” said the two had oral and simulated sex in his bedroom, and he asked her to describe his 14-year-old body. In another, filmed in Kelly’s living room, he gave her champagne and gave her oral sex, then urinated on her vagina, she testified.

In the third video, which was evidence in Kelly’s 2008 child pornography trial, she performed oral sex on him in his hot tub, and he again urinated on her.

When asked why Kelly appeared to be handing her money in this video, “Jane” cried audibly and said, “because if anyone saw the tape… they wanted it to appear that I was a prostitute.”

Later, when the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services was investigating the allegations about their sexual relationship, “Jane” said she denied it, because she was afraid something was wrong. happened to Kelly, and wanted to protect him, because he told her “something really bad was going to happen to her.”

“Jane” testified that she lied to DCFS because she was scared and wanted to keep their relationship intact. She didn’t even tell her parents, she said, because it was something she would take to her grave to protect Kelly.

“I knew it was something they wouldn’t approve of,” she testified.

She also testified that Kelly told her she did a “good job” and “handled everything right.”

When one of the sex tapes leaked in 2002, “Jane” said she and her parents had a conversation with Kelly, arranged by her former business manager Derrel McDavid, who is on trial alongside Kelly.

“Jane” said they met at a hotel in Oak Park, and she was scared because her parents were finally going to find out about her sexual relationship with Kelly, because Kelly told her it was true that the tape had been leaked and the authorities were about to get involved, so her parents needed to know, and Kelly wanted them “on her team”.

She remembers her father storming out of the meeting crying and Kelly begged him to stay, crying and begging her father to forgive her.

“I was embarrassed to have lied to my parents. They finally understood that everything was true”, she testified.

She also said she feared what would happen to Kelly and begged her parents not to report him.

After that meeting, “Jane” said Kelly wanted her parents out of the country so they couldn’t talk to authorities or the press, so he paid for them in the Bahamas and Cancun.

“I was told to make them uncomfortable so they wouldn’t turn on him,” she testified.