Sudbury pedophile criticizes prosecutor, says innocent

Michel Albert has a growing list of sexual convictions involving children

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A convicted pedophile claimed his innocence at a sentencing hearing on Tuesday, accusing a crown attorney of lying and saying he intended to press charges against her.


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Michel Albert launched into a rambling statement after Assistant Crown Attorney Kaely Whillans and defense lawyer Denis Michel presented their case on sentencing.

Whillans pushed seven years in prison; Michel three.

Albert, however, argued that he was innocent of performing oral sex on a sleeping girl over ten years ago – the case that was in court on Tuesday. He also said he was innocent of the other sex crimes he was convicted of and two others he was on trial for.

“How is it that when I ask for a police investigation in my life, nothing is done because I am considered a predator of children? He asked Judge Erin Cullin via a Zoom link from Sudbury Jail. “We are not here for the truth about what appears to be a plausible event. But, when I bring up the truth and the evidence, all of these things have either been destroyed or planted. I will no longer accept this.

Albert, 47, said he planned to file a complaint with the Law Society of Ontario against Whillans and would contact the Ontario Human Rights Legal Support Center to try to clear his name on this question and others.

“Why?” he asked Cullin. “Because I am innocent. I’m sick of being falsely condemned and being falsely portrayed as a deviant person when everything in my apartment or on my computer shows otherwise.

On September 1, Judge Cullin convicted Albert of sexual assault and sexual interference for performing oral sex on a sleeping girl who was six or seven at the time. She cleared him on a third charge.


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Albert, who did not testify at his trial, said on Tuesday that he could not have sexually assaulted the little girl because he was not there at the time.

After Albert was done, Justice Cullin said she was reserving her sentencing decision. A date for giving it will be set at the Superior Court of Summons on January 4.

Albert occupied the Sudbury courthouse during the second half of 2021. His legal troubles began on April 4, 2019, when he attempted to kidnap a teenage girl who was on her way to class outside his New Sudbury home.

During the Greater Sudbury Police investigation into this incident, officers found child pornography on a computer at his home on Paquette Street. He was sentenced after a trial. Albert will be sentenced on February 8 for this crime.

As for the attempted kidnapping, he pleaded not criminally responsible, saying he does not remember what happened. A psychiatric report has been ordered and a hearing on his non-criminally responsible defense will be held next year.

Albert faces five counts in this case: aggravated assault; illegal confinement; assaulting two Greater Sudbury police officers; resist arrest; and assault and threaten two policemen with a weapon (fork).

On Tuesday, Albert claimed that a former friend placed child pornography on his computer and destroyed or deleted documents that would show he could not have abused the little girl because he was not there at this. moment.

In another case, he returns to court on Jan.4 when the crown and the defense make final submissions regarding the sexual assaults against two underage teens more than ten years ago.


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In one case, he is accused of exposing himself to a boy while on a camping trip. In another, he is accused of performing oral sex on a girl who was 13 or 14 at the time.

On October 1, 2020, Albert was convicted of a sexual assault that occurred 30 years ago.

Returning to Tuesday’s case, Whillans said the now adult victim indicated that she had problems sleeping and crying attacks as a child, and now suffers from flashbacks.

“Her actions to date have impacted her relationships with the people she loved,” Whillans said.

Going through the pre-sentence report on Albert, she said, “I would suggest that the prospect of rehabilitation… is low to negligible.”

Whillans said the PSR also indicated a general lack of accountability on Albert’s part.

She noted that Albert had stated that he had been in drug treatment, but had no addictions and had never been diagnosed with mental health issues, but had been given prescribed medication for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Whillans, in addition to seeking jail time, has asked for a DNA order, a 10-year gun ban, a community watch order that will bar him from frequenting certain public places where children hang out upon his release from prison , and that it has been on the national sex offender registry for 20 years.

In his sentencing brief, Michel said he was in a difficult position as Albert would disagree with the sentence he proposed.

Michel said his client had a “horrible” education and was exposed to violence and kicked out of the family home at age 15.


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He also said the young girl in the case was not physically injured, but suffered emotional harm. He also disputed the Crown’s claim that Albert was in a position of trust with the young girl.

“Where do we go from here?” A sentence that I would find appropriate is about three years… It is a penitentiary sentence. It is a serious term in light of other offenses the court has considered here. “

Michel noted that since Albert had been in custody for 992 days since his arrest in April 2019, he had accumulated pre-detention credit for 1,488 days, or approximately 4.07 years. He requested that three years of this pre-detention credit be allocated to the sentence Albert is to receive.

Michel also said that the fact that this case has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic should be factored into the sentencing.

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