Tattoo disaster sees woman end up with ‘Christmas tree’ ink

A woman said she was tired of having to look at her tattoo every time she used her hands because she hated it so much.

Maddison explains in a video posted on social media that she got a “silly” tattoo after a boozy lunch during which she drank three cocktails – even though she wasn’t drunk.

His inspiration was a delicate inking of a leafless tree in black ink.

Unfortunately, his own design ended up looking more like a fir tree and is so full that there aren’t any finer details.

She writes, “I got a tattoo after drinking three margaritas and didn’t realize how bad my tattoo appointment was going until it was too late.”

The tree tattoo was not what she expected

Maddison says no one ever told her he liked her tattoo and people always told her, “You must really like Christmas.”

For context, she told People in the comments, “I got this tattoo over five years ago and I remember how stupid it is every time I use my hands.

“I feel like I should mention that I wasn’t drunk.

“The fact that I had margaritas at lunch was not noticeable. I had three (at most) over a period of about two hours.”

Tattoo mistake haunted Maddison for 5 years
Tattoo mistake haunted Maddison for 5 years

Maddison’s video has over 960,000 views on her @madmachen page and people had a lot of sympathy for his situation.

A viewer told her, “I think this could be reworked very well into a new design that you love!”

A second said: “It could probably be made into an arrowhead and that would be pretty cool. Black with some white to show the carving marks.”

Someone else commented, “And that’s why you don’t drink before you get a tattoo.”

“My daughter has a Christmas tree on her arm,” joked a third.

Another person said she got a tree tattoo “on purpose” and seemed a little hurt that people thought Maddison’s similar design looked so bad.