Telegram 8.3 Brings Text Recognition to iOS, a Global Chat Theme on Android Smartphones

Telegram rolled out a slew of new features to its platform over the past month. The list includes features like calendar view for shared media, membership requests for groups and channels, and transit times for shared locations on iOS to name a few. Today the messaging app rolled out another update that brings more features like text recognition on iOS, global chat theme on Android, anonymous posting to public groups, and the ability to delete messages by groups on its platform. On top of that, Telegram also rolled out more formatting options for media captions and a redesigned contact info page on iOS. So here are all the features of Telegram: Also Read – Google Stadia Comes To LG Smart TVs: How To Play Online Games

Delete message by date

Telegram gives its users more control over their messages. With its latest update, Telegram allows users to delete their old messages based on the date. Users can choose to clear their chat history from a specific date or from a date range in their one-on-one chats. Telegram users can choose the date range by tapping on the date bar that will appear when they scroll through the chat, then choosing which days to clear. Also Read – How To Clear Cookies, Cache On Android In A Few Simple Steps

Managing connected devices

Just like WhatsApp, Telegram is also accessible from multiple connected devices. With the Telegram 8.3 update, the messaging app brings a new button that will allow users to link a desktop and automatically log out of all inactive devices. Users can tap any device in the list to get more information about it and turn it on or off to allow it to accept calls or new secret conversations. Also Read – Google Android 12 for TV Rolls Out With Some Must-Have Features: Check Details

Anonymous posting to public groups

This feature allows users to post messages to public groups anonymously by hiding an individual user as a channel. Telegram users can tap on the profile picture next to the message bar and then choose a channel of their choice. Once they do, the message they send will appear with the channel’s name and photo rather than a personal account.

Responses to membership requests

Another upcoming feature on Telegram is giving users more clarity on who is responding to their request to join a group. Telegram, in a blog post, said that when a user requests to join a group or channel and their admin responds with a message, users will be able to see which community they belong to at the top of the chat.

Global Discussion Topics

Telegram rolled out global discussion threads to iOS last month. With its latest update, it brings the same to its Android-based app. Telegram’s Android users will now have access to eight themes that the messaging app introduced in September. They will be able to customize it further by adjusting the colors and patterns and choosing day or night mode for the same.

Text recognition

Apple brought text recognition feature to its iPhones with iOS 15. Now Telegram is rolling out the same support in its iOS-based app. The company announced today that Live Text is enabled for photos in Telegram chats. With this update, Telegram users will be able to easily select, copy and search for text in an image. This feature is available for iPhones running iOS 13 and later.

Formatting text in the media caption

Another feature that Telegram rolls out exclusively for iOS users is the ability to format text in media captions. With the Telegram 8.3 update, iPhone users will be able to use all text formatting options in media captions and text links.

Redesigned contact details

Finally, the company rolled out a redesigned contact information page on its iOS app. The redesigned contact info page resembles the contact info page in iOS 15.