Temple Bar’s TikTok webcam shows ‘magical’ couple singing Fairytale of New York

A Temple Bar Dublin TikTok webcam showing a couple singing Fairytale of New York has gone viral, with viewers calling it “magical.”

On a cold night, the truly Irish music video shows a man and woman singing the Christmas classic with the caption: ‘Who needs nightclubs? Doing it in Temple Bar ”.

It looks like the couple had a great night out on the town as they performed like no one was watching – but the Temple Bar webcam captured it all.

It’s unclear if the man and woman actually know each other, but they put on a show anyway as the stunning Christmas lights shone in the background.

They socially distanced from each other and the woman then moved away – perhaps to get a McDonald’s before taking a cab home.

The video uploaded by @gerardwalshfilmmaker has received over 95,000 views and 16,800 likes.

Many viewers have described it as “magical”, and they are hoping the couple can reunite because it gave them “goose bumps”.

One user commented: “If that doesn’t bring a little smile to people’s faces then I don’t know what can because what I’m seeing here is so touching and Irish.

Another said, “Omg, why did that make me emotional? So sweet”.

A third added: “It makes me so proud to be Irish”.

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