the influential senior citizens of Ohio State; What will the Big Ten divisions look like?’s Steve Helwagen hosted his weekly chat on The Front Row message board on Monday afternoon. Check out the transcript below.

Programming Note: This week’s edition of Ohio State Buckeyes Live will take place at 1:30 p.m. Thursday due to Big Ten Media Days coverage Tuesday and Wednesday in Indianapolis.

warrior : Name 1 senior in attack and 1 senior in defense, it will have a big impact on this season.

Helwagen: Good question. You look at the starting lineup and you see a lot of sophomores and juniors, but not that many seniors.

On offense, there really isn’t a lot of choice. Maybe Kamryn Babb, provided he can regain his health and work his way into the rotation.

In defense, it’s Zach Harrison’s last year (although he still has a year to go). I think he will play a huge role in defense, although some were unhappy with his production last year. Cornerback Cam Brown and safety Tanner McCalister are also seniors and each plans to be mainstays of defense. These are good names to choose from.

Manneken-pis : Would you say a Middleton and Royal finish in Class 23 is more likely or unlikely?

Helwagen: I think it seems possible, I would put it that way. Looks like Middleton can have Ohio State ahead of UConn and Seton Hall. Royal appears to be torn between Ohio State and Michigan State with a few others still involved as well. I’d say there’s a good chance these two will be in that class, so yeah, I’ll probably go.

ballbucks: Would Holtmann really take Middleton Royal and Swain? Is it likely that we will get all 3? Will any of these guys be in the running for a ratings boost, including Washington?

What is the probability of a class 24 from Mobley and Ali?

Helwagen: I can’t speak for them and whether taking all three is in the cards or not. They project differently with Middleton possibly in two, Swain three and Royal four, each with the ability to play more than one place. They have four spots open now. It would go to five if Tanner Holden decides to turn pro after the upcoming season or if someone else leaves.

Xavier Booker is still there too, with a visit date of September 3. The timing may work where they get Middleton on Aug. 6 and then whoever or two want to commit first after that.

No, I don’t see a whole lot of ratings jumps for these guys. Royal, however, had 27 points and 16 rebounds in his last game at the Peach Jam. I don’t care where they are ranked. They can all play.