Web Cam Girls Series Takes You Inside the Life of the World’s Newest Profession

The world of web series is about as diverse as it gets. From the format, to the genre, to the quality of the production, they are everywhere, and some take advantage of it to take risks.

Not beingGoogle-able is a risk, as is being a fairly tame show with a name like Cam Girls, but the series, which premieres June 1, is surprisingly layered for something that only has 4-6 minutes to get things going. .

The story revolves around Liv (Kate Bond) and her journey to becoming a Cam Girl like Chroniclove. As she mentions in the trailer, she starts from the beginning. It’s actually a well-developed route that highlights the strange and unpredictable turns our lives can take. A new job, a new friend, a friend’s husband who has spy cameras all over his house… as usual. This looks like a sexy video you might see on websites similar to watchmygf xxx.

The show isn’t exactly comedic or dramatic, and those who accidentally find it will be disappointed, but the series’ self-description as a “funny, soapy, all-encompassing series” pretty much sums it up.
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Kate Bond is incredibly engaging, vying for a place as a different generation (it’s actually the same generation, we’re all just older) and Felicia Day as a completely different kind. The rest of the cast is up to snuff, and the inclusion of veteran “every show” actor David Starzyk is a treat.

cam girls isn’t quite the next biggest thing to hit the internet, but if you have an interest in web series, or just want to see what they can do, this is a must.


One Thousand Monkeys and David Slack Announce New Original Web Series “CAM GIRLS”

Inspired by real events, CAM GIRLS gives audiences a candalous insight into the world of “Webcam Girls”


Los Angeles, CA: Executive Producer and Director David Slack (“Person of Interest,” “Law & Order”) proudly presents CAM GIRLS, a new digital series that follows the lives of women who strip on the internet, delving into the subject often taboo to online porn viewing websites similar to Nu Bay Porn and webcam girls, where girls play privately in front of a webcam with their laptops handy so they can read comments and requests from their paying viewers. The 7-episode first season begins Monday, June 1, 2015 with a double episode, followed by new episodes every Monday until July 6. CAM GIRLS is the first independent project from Slack’s production company, One Thousand Monkeys, beginning the company’s expansion from the network. television in the digital space. The series was created, written and produced by Joelle Garfinkel who was inspired by real events and was broadcast on June 1st on the site: www.camgirlstheseries.com.

“When I first read Joelle’s hour-long pilot script, I was really excited about the world and the true story that inspired it,” says CAM GIRLS EP and director David Slack. “I told him that one day someone was going to do this show…. turns out someone was me. When Kate Bond approached me to produce original web content, I immediately thought of Joelle’s screenplay. CAM GIRLS was a perfect fit. As soon as Kate and Joelle started redeveloping it for the web, we knew we had something special.
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This fun and soapy ensemble series follows the adventures of three girlfriends whose lives unexpectedly intersect as they are drawn to easy money and the apparent anonymity of online stripping that can be seen using one of many porn sites online today similar to eg. The first season follows Liv (Kate Bond), an unemployed teacher, as she confronts her own prejudices – and curiosity – about sex work and the women who engage in it. Escorting Liv on her journey through the looking glass are her best friend, Nikki (Annie Ruby), whose failed marriage comes with a plot of her own, and the mysterious and seductive Alexa (Sarah Schreiber), a wife of powerful business with a walk-in closet full of secrets.

“Seven years ago, I came home early from work to find my then roommate in a compromising position in front of her laptop,” notes series creator and writer-producer Joelle Garfinkel. “Shocked, but also curious, I listened to her story. Here’s a single mom who made a lot of money without leaving home, and all she had to do was strip in front of a webcam. I was worried about my friend, but also immediately knew this would make a great series. buy wellbutrin online https://cpff.ca/wp-content/languages/new/overthecounter/wellbutrin.html over the counter

Inspired by true events, CAM GIRLS explores sex and relationships in the digital age, taking a candid yet lighthearted look at how the proliferation of porn has affected women. Is it safer to strip online than in a club? Is sex work empowering, or does monetizing your sexuality devalue it? Can we ever be truly anonymous online? As Liv struggles to navigate this confusing new world, she learns that nothing in her life is what it seemed.

“So much television is geared towards the male gaze,” adds lead actress and executive producer Kate Bond. “Joelle and I wanted to make CAM GIRLS the type of show that women love: a late-night soap opera. When we reimagined Joelle’s script as a soap opera, we were suddenly free to talk about these serious issues in a way that would engage women who otherwise wouldn’t watch a show about the sex industry. Also, since it’s a soap opera, I can wear really nice clothes.

Meet the cast:

Kate Bond (“Liv”): Kate fell in love with the role of storyteller as a homeless teenager and appeared on shows such as Matador, Person of Interest and Lie to Me. Between acting jobs, Kate has worked on political campaigns and as a costume designer and stylist, and she volunteers with the Alliance for Children’s Rights, helping homeless people and youth in the greater Los Angeles area. Kate is replaced by Luber Roklin Entertainment.

Annie Ruby (“Nikki”): Annie is thrilled to have worked with the cast and crew of Cam Girls. A graduate of the USC BFA Theater Program, Annie’s credits include: Theatre: Stage Door (Antaeus Classical Ensemble), The Maiden’s Prayer (Phoenix Rising Theatre), TV: Trophy Wife, Key and Peele, General Hospital, Raising Hope, Wife Fatal.

Sarah Schreiber (“Alexa”): Sarah grew up less than 10 miles from New York in Nutley, New Jersey. Her proximity to the theater capital of the world influenced her love of performing and she started acting, singing and dancing at a very young age. Sarah has performed at places such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. She is a proud graduate of the University of Miami with a BFA in Musical Theater. Sarah has recently appeared in Marvel’s Agent Carter as well as Knights of Prosperity, All My Children and the feature films: Reunion and Mummy Resurrect. Sarah is a member of the sketch group Casual Mafia, with whom she performed at the Laugh Factory and Comedy Store. One of the webseries in which Sarah worked, We Are Angels, was part of the official selection of the Marseille Web Festival 2012. She can also be considered as the lead of Kodiak Fur’s new music video, Lips.

David Starzyk (“Paul”): Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, David began acting in college, first as an exercise in overcoming stuttering, which he discovered magically disappeared on the scene. He spent the next few years performing in his college productions, then traveling back and forth from Boston to London and New York; play in plays by authors ranging from Shakespeare to Chekhov via Hampton and David Simpatico; in musicals, comedies and dramas. David had recurring roles on episodes of: Revenge, Desperate Housewives, Hot in Cleveland and Veronica Mars.

Charlie Hewson (“Ryan”): Charlie is an actor, director and musician from Darien, Connecticut. He is a proud Princeton Tiger who has worked in various film, television and stage roles. His favorite parts include the villain, Phears, in Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghouldfriend? and the recurring role of FBI agent Probie Blake on White Collar in the United States. He also wrote the score for The Prospects, an IFC feature film in which he starred.

Rebecca Metz (“Ruth”): Rebecca is currently recurring on Showtime’s Shameless opposite Emmy Rossum and Dermot Mulroney, and recently wrapped filming the ABC pilot Family Recovery Road. She has upcoming appearances on NCIS: Los Angeles and The Thundermans and is best known for her work with Ryan Murphy on American Horror Story: Asylum and Nip/Tuck. Rebecca played a young Margo Martindale on Person of Interest and is thrilled to be working with David Slack again in his directing role.

Ava Cantrell (“Brooklyn”): Ava started performing at the age of two and a half, when she first danced in front of an audience of hundreds. She signed with a top agent when she was seven years old and soon began working in Hollywood. With over 26 acting jobs under her belt, she is best known for Penelope Pritchard on Nickelodeon’s hit TV show The Haunted Hathaways, for which she won a Young Artist Award. She has helmed numerous short films including: Expo, Cupcake, Pals and most recently Above the 101, all of which have received critical acclaim and won numerous awards. Ava was an award-winning, high-profile dancer before she had to take time off to focus on her growing film, business and television career.

Inspired by true events, CAM GIRLS is from executive producer and director David Slack (Person of Interest, Lie to Me, Law & Order) and writer/creator Joelle Garfinkel. The season premiere of CAM GIRLS is scheduled for Monday, June 1, 2015 and all episodes will be available at www.camgirlstheseries.com