Webcam shows live views of Michigan’s largest inland lake

HOUGHTON LAKE, MI – Fans of Houghton Lake now have a new way to experience the waterside scene. A 24/7 webcam of the popular Up North Lake has been added to a long list of live streaming cameras featured by the West Michigan Tourist Association.

Houghton Lake webcam courtesy of Houghton Lake Area Tourism Board.

You can see the webcam here.

“Houghton Lake is a great destination if you are looking for a day at the beach,” WMTA staff said. “With dozens of waterfront resorts, motels and lodges, and many other public beaches and picnic areas, you will have the choice of the beach that suits you.

“There are two large public beaches which include swimming, children’s toys, barbecues and sheltered picnic areas. The lake also offers great fishing possibilities for walleye, pike, bass and bluegill. There are seven access sites strategically located around the lake.

Houghton Lake is Michigan’s largest inland lake, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. It covers 20,000 acres and has 30 miles of shoreline.

The WMTA’s live webcam gallery includes glimpses of other fun travel destinations across Michigan including Charlevoix, Traverse City, Frankfort, and the Mackinac and Drummond Islands. You can see them all on the WMTA website here.

“The Live Camera Gallery is a great way to virtually travel West Michigan without leaving your computer or phone,” says Dan Sippel, executive director of the West Michigan Tourist Association. “We are delighted with the opportunities this provides for locations to show what is happening in real time in the region. Travelers or people living in the area can virtually explore different areas of western Michigan that they might not otherwise have the chance to visit.


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